Pucca-Themed 1st Birthday Party

Pucca is a naughty little girl who is in love with a ninja named Garu. The image of her chasing after him in her little red dress just to give him a kiss is the basis of most of the Pucca stories. And this is a great generic theme – if it's a little boy that is going to celebrate his first birthday, put more focus on Garu and his little black cat instead.

There are quite a few Pucca invitations available commercially, but if you can't find one that suits your taste, you can easily make one with images that can be downloaded from the Pucca website or from the Disney website.

Red, black, and white are the perfect colors for this party since they represent Pucca perfectly. Choose perfectly round balloons in this color scheme and use black ribbons instead of string. Anchor the bunches in pots planted with tropical greens or grasses. Fill the center of the room with red, black, and white Chinese paper lanterns in various sizes. Suspend red streamers from the ceiling, too, and allow them to hang past the lanterns.

Decorate the kids' table with a white tablecloth and black and red toppers set on the diagonal. Put white plates and black utensils at each place setting. Use red glasses and white bendy straws that all the characters use. Position a red napkin on top of each plate folded like a flower. As the centerpiece, create three arrangements based on a red heart made from a balloon. Cover the base of the arrangement with red, black, and white tissue flowers and set each one in little red tub and tie a black ribbon around it in a big bow.

The cake table is decorated in a similar way, with a white tablecloth and a red topper as the base for the birthday cake. If the cake is elevated a bit, cover the base with more of the tissue flowers. Set white plates on the side paired with red forks.

Since Pucca is a Korean animation, ramyun figures very prominently all throughout. Serve little bowls of ramyun to the kids just to let them try it out, and serve traditional party food to flesh out the menu. Chicken nuggets and baby carrots served with a creamy ranch dip, mozzarella sticks, and fruit chunks with a chocolate dip. Serve a berry iced tea with the food and have a little dessert of ice cream and miniature sugar cookies.

A figurine cake is perfect for this birthday party theme. Top a cake covered with red fondant and black and white dots with a figurine of Pucca finally kissing Garu. Decorate it further with red and white sugar flowers and position Garu's black cat in the flowers. Set your birthday candle to the side and the cake is finished.

For the favors, red gummy hearts and white marshmallows would be perfect little gifts. Pack them in red satin cinch bags decorated in Oriental designs to keep to the Korean theme.