John Deere Birthday Party

If you've got a little farmer boy or girl you might want to consider a John Deere birthday party theme. It's an iconic theme that represents the best of what the Heartland has to offer.

John Deere offers invitations for sale on their website. You can also make one of your own with downloaded copyright free images from their website. Write the party details inside and you're done. What about asking the guests to come in farmer's clothing or even just jeans and a checked shirt?

Green and yellow are the only colors for this John Deere birthday party! You could add another color to make it more gender specific, pink for a girl or blue for a boy, if you like. Dark and light green and yellow balloons and streamers are all that's needed in way of decorations. Bunch the balloons in corners and add extra interest by tacking on cutouts of insects or flowers with double-sided tape. Hang John Deere posters on the walls and use sheaves of grain if you can get them, to add rural accents to the corners of your room.

If you have the space, hire or borrow a John Deere mini tractor and have each child sit in it as they arrive so they can have their pictures taken in it. Don't let them drive it, though! Send each child their picture with your thank-you note or post them on the party website.

Cover each table with a yellow tablecloth and accent it with a green topper. In the center of the table, have a flat of grass with a replica of a John Deere tractor “mowing” the field. Use yellow and green tableware for each place setting and decorate the folded napkins with a pretty miniature sunflower and a raffia ribbon bow.

The cake table is decorated in exactly the same way. You could add some interest by using some raffia ribbons as bunting along the sides of the table and tacking on sunflowers at intervals. The cake should definitely be the eyecatcher here, and you have so many variations to choose from! One simple version is to use a rectangular pan as the base and divide it into “fields” decorated with different colors of frosting to represent the plants. Position a John Deere replica on the cake, add pretzel sticks to make a corral to the sides, and your cake is finished.

The food should be all comfort food. Oven-baked chicken, macaroni and cheese, a vegetable platter with dip, and beans with biscuits would pose no problems at all. Add anything else you consider comfort food. For a dessert, offer a warm, gooey fudge brownie topped with a scoop of really good vanilla ice cream.

For the favors, hand each child their own straw hat painted in bright colors. Have a coordinating bandanna to go with it and a little bag of assorted green and yellow candies. John Deere also has goody bags available but you can make your own using a brown paper sack and John Deere stickers.