Go Diego Go 1st Birthday Party

Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin and he is another great theme for a little boy's first birthday party. Diego is a character that often goes into the rainforest to help animals so it would be great to recreate that for the Diego birthday party.

Send out invitations that promise roaring good fun! Go wild with a printed invitation showcasing Diego and his baby jaguar. With a promise of a really wild party inside, kids would be raring to go to your celebration!

Diego is a character that loves nature so you can incorporate that into your décor, too. Instead of streamers, hang vines on the walls and also from the center of the ceiling to the walls. This will give the party area a feel of being deep in the jungle. Collect as many wild animal plush toys as you can for the décor. Decorate the room with tropical plants like palms and have some of the plush toys looking out from the plants.

Orange, blue, green and brown are the perfect colors for this Diego birthday party. Hang bunches of balloons in orange, blue, and green accented with some in jaguar prints around the party room. Anchor a few in the potted plants. Print a lot of animal paw prints and cut them out. Use these to decorate everything you like for the birthday party.

The kids' table should be covered in orange with blue and green jungle print paper or fabric toppers. Use green paper plates and blue utensils at each place. On top of each plate, place an orange napkin tied with a piece of abaca twine and decorated with a Diego character cutout or a paw print. As a centerpiece, have a flat of grass with Diego character cutouts arranged on top. Add a bit of color with fun flowers like gerberas or daisies in orange hues, and you're done.

The cake table is done in a similar fashion. Use a jungle print tablecloth and center the cake on top of that. Around the cake, arrange little cookies decorated like animal faces. You can make a birthday cake in the shape of Diego's head following instructions on how to draw Diego on the net. A simpler cake is made by decorating a plain round cake from the baker's with laminated printouts of Diego characters, grass candy, and a lot of sugar flowers. Embellish the sides of the cake with MMs in browns, orange, green, and blue.

Have a typical Mexican fiesta by serving burritos, corn chips with a choice of salsa or cheddar cheese dip, chicken or turkey wraps, and baby jelly sandwiches. How about a brownie or a blondie topped with orange ice cream for dessert?

The favors for the Diego birthday party should be fun stuff like bubbles, water pistols, sunglasses (attach a tag that says “Wear this for exploring!” and a little bottle of sunblock for outdoor adventures. Add a couple of healthy snacks like granola bars and pack this all into a mini messenger bag.