Choosing the Color Scheme for a First Birthday Party

The first birthday party is a milestone, as much for the child as for the parents themselves. And it's no wonder that there's many a mommy that feels pressured to prepare a birthday party at least as spectacular as her wedding was.

A common problem for many first-time party planners is how to coordinate everything. This is done very easily by choosing a basic color scheme and sticking to it throughout the décor, table settings, and favors for the party. But where to get that perfect color scheme?

The right color scheme is an inspiration from almost anywhere. Since it's the child's birthday party, why not base it on something that she likes? For example, one child absolutely adored Hello Kitty in its pink version. She also loved Hawaiian music, since her daddy grew up in Hawaii and played that music when he was homesick. So, the perfect theme was born: a Hawaiian Hello Kitty birthday party!

The color scheme was born from a picture found on the internet of Hello Kitty in a grass skirt and a lei – white, pink, yellow, purple, and aqua. By purchasing the balloons, streamers, tableware, and napkins in these colors, and even ordering the baby cake in the same color scheme, the party looked really pulled together and organized.

Or, base the color scheme on the baby's favorite colors. If there are certain colors that he always gravitates to, that would be the perfect colors for the birthday party. One little boy absolutely adored anything in light green, since his favorite fruit was green apples. So, his mom decided that green apples would be a great theme for his birthday party. Combined with white and a deep denim blue, the birthday party was completely personalized for her son.

By ordering balloons in dark blue, white and apple green paired with streamers in the same colors, the party area was very quickly decorated. A green apple pinata dominated the décor of the room. And at each place, a papier mache green apple filled with candies served as a party favor for each guest. Simple centerpieces were plastic tubs covered with dark blue denim fabric and held in place with a blue and white checked ribbon tied in a bow. The tubs were simply filled with green apples and the spaces between them with hydrangea flower heads.

Does the baby have a favorite book or tv show? Inspiration can come from that, too. Another little boy loved Dr Seuss, especially “Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?” His mom decided that would be a terrific way to celebrate her little boy and had a cow-themed birthday party and used the colors on the book's cover as the color scheme. So, white, green, and brown with accents of aqua and blue brightened his day.

Balloons and streamers were all in white, green, aqua, and blue. This mommy made the party decorations a little different by “planting” the balloons in wooden tubs filled with pebbles and topped with moss. Each child simply “picked” a balloon as he went left the area. Little brown cows were everywhere, on the tables, accenting the food platters, and on the cake itself. The favors were simply wrapped in brown fabric like little hobo bags and tied shut with multicolored ribbons.

The perfect color scheme for the first birthday party really depends on the celebrant – the one-year old himself!