Cute as a Cupcake 1st Birthday Theme

When your little one is as cute as a cupcake, the best birthday party theme for you to choose is the Cute as a Cupcake 1st birthday theme. Nothing less will do for your sweet little one.

Start off by sending cupcake-themed invitations to the guests. You can make your own invitations with brown card and frosting-colored felt plus a red rhinestone for the cherry on top. Cut out the brown card in a cupcake shape and the colored felt in a fluffy frosting shape. Glue the frosting onto the cupcake and the rhinestone onto the frosting. Write the details of the birthday party at the back of the invitations and you're done.

There are mylar cupcake balloons available online and since these giant balloons will become the center of attention, you can base your color scheme on this. There is one especially cute balloon for a little boy in aqua, blue, white, and red. This is an easy color theme to pull off and an attractive one, to boot.

Aside from the mylar balloon, purchase plain balloons in aqua, blue, red, and white. In each bunch of five balloons, choose two that you'll dress up as cupcakes with accordion-folded sheets of parchment. Attach the muffin cup to the balloon with double-sided tape and top them off with a round red sticker. Anchor the bunches in pots filled with flowering plants. Decorate the room with streamers in the same colors. Suspend Chinese paper lamps and tissue poms on the ceiling.

At the center of the party area, hang a pinata in the form of a cupcake. Fill the pinata with candies, bottles of bubble solution, and little toys.

The kids' table can be set with a blue tablecloth and place mats of aqua and red. At the center of the table, set a disposable foil pan stuffed with damp floral foam. Fill the pan with white daisies to simulate the cupcake frosting. For the cherry, use a single red daisy on the top. Have plain plates and utensils in the colors at each place. Fold a paper napkin into a lily shape and set it on each plate.

Decorate the cake table with a blue tablecloth and cake plates in aqua, red, and white. On a footed cake stand, display your birthday cake – a giant cupcake! Using the same sized disposable foil pans you used for the table centerpieces, bake a giant cupcake. Remove from the pan and frost the bottom with blue and white stripes on aqua frosting, creating ridges with a flat spatula. You can also use a piping bag to create the stripes of frosting along the sides. Dollop on lots of plain white frosting on top, mounding it up softly with the flat spatula. Use cake confetti or MMs in aqua and red for the candy sprinkles. Set an aqua candle right on top.

Simple food is best for a first birthday party. Chicken or fish fingers with a dip served in disposable foil cupcake liners, potato frittatas topped with ketchup also baked in cupcake liners, and slices of cheese pizzas.

The birthday party activity could serve as the party favors, too. Prepare plain cupcakes, white frosting, and various sprinkles for the children to use. Ice the cupcakes for the smaller children and let every child decorate their own cupcake.