Great Ideas for Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Once you've got a little one coming your way, there's no better thing than to order a baby shower favor that will celebrate that fact. A sweet way to do that is to have a special order for personalized baby shower favors that will truly echo the theme of the baby shower and also express all the wishes and sentiments that you have for the baby.

Scanning through the internet, there is no lack of personalized baby shower favor ideas. In fact, it seems that you can personalize just about anything! So choose carefully and pick among the baby shower favors out there that will truly say what you feel about the new addition to your family.

For example, it's possible you'd want a traditional celebration and have a tea party along with your baby shower. Now, amidst all the expected flowery crockery, little pastries, and delicious sweets, you'd naturally be offering a selection of teas to your guests. There can be no better way to extend this wonderful afternoon than by giving them their own personalized tea bag favors along with a singularly beautiful tea cup and saucer to drink their tea from.

The wonderful thing about this is that you can choose whether to celebrate your baby boy or baby girl by having your favor in the traditional pink or blue. You could also have your child's name printed on, as well as the date of the baby shower itself. It's a wonderful keepsake to have.

With women, especially pregnant women, love their chocolate. There are many ideas out there for chocolate-themed baby showers and that deserves no less than a baby shower favor of mini chocolate bars. These are very beautiful out of their usual commercial jackets and clothed with personalized covers that sport cute pictures and the baby's name on them.

Miniature chocolate bars are favors that any guest would appreciate. You could order the special covers and choose the type of chocolate to put inside. The cover could reflect the theme in itself, perhaps with little yellow ducklings or pretty flowers and butterflies that cover it all over. They could follow the season as well, with spring flowers and umbrellas, summer seascapes, autumn leaves, or a snowy winter landscape. These truly personal covers are a fantastic way of expressing your sentiments to a “T.” Another great favor idea is baby shower hersey kisses.

If you're looking to give a baby shower favor of an unusual sort, then maybe personalized fortune cookies would be a perfect choice. Try to look for ones that come in different colors so that they complement the color scheme of your baby shower. If they have different flavors as well, that would be just perfect as vanilla tends to be rather predictable after a while!

As to the favors inside, they can be anything from a quote taken from your favorite author about childhood, to a religious verse, to even a simple thanks to your guests for making your day a memorable one. After all, you're giving the favors away to make sure they don't forget your celebration in a hurry, right?