What Can You Do with Baby Shower Biscuit Cutters?

Baby showers and biscuits seem to go together perfectly. In fact, a baby shower doesn't seem complete without a biscuit or two at the table. But what else can you do with baby shower biscuit cutters?

These fancy little bits of equipment are perfect for “partying up” your celebration. You can use them for many different things, such as table decorations, for making the food look festive, and even as baby shower favors.

These are wonderful additions to your arsenal of table decorations. They can be used as napkin holders instead of the usual rings, or can be added to the centerpiece when threaded onto wire that is twisted to make floral picks of a different sort.

Of course baby shower themed biscuit cutters can be used to cut out sweet biscuits that are iced then served or given away as favors. Beautifully decorated, wrapped in clear, shiny cellophane, and then finished off with a perfect bow done in pretty ribbons, these would be a favor anyone would be happy to receive.

A little more time-consuming favor variation would be a cookie lollipop. After cutting out your sugar biscuit, gently push in a lollipop stick (the wooden ones would be safer in the oven) and bake the biscuit for the directed time and at the proper temperature. Cool completely after it's done baking and then decorate with icing.

A really naughty but very simple type of decoration would be to cut out rounds of large candy canes and gently press them into the dough before they are baked. They'll melt in the oven and turn into luscious sweet circles. Another option is to crush boiled candies, keeping each one to their same color group. Sprinkle them on the biscuit, making them look exactly like those old-fashioned rolled lollipops. They'll melt as they bake and coat the biscuit in a candy covering.

They can make the food look more festive, too. Why not cut out slices of white or brown bread and dry them out in a low oven sandwiched between two biscuit pans? These will make great bases for flavored cream cheese spreads, pates, or marinated vegetables. You can also use them instead of crackers for a dip.

A pretty and savory option is to cut out shapes from half-cooked pizza bases and “frost” with thick pizza sauce. Leave a border around so you don't make a mess in your oven! Decorate with cheese, olives, sweet pepper slices and whatever other toppings you like before you bake it.

You can even make the baby shower themed biscuit cutters the favors themselves! An option is to simply decorate them with a pretty bow before they're handed out after the shower. Or you can go one more and nestle them in the center of a square of cellophane, fill the center with candies or tiny cookie dots, gather up the cellophane and wrap it up with a ribbon. Anchor the cellophane with a clear ponytail holder to make the job easier.