Personalized Baby Shower Bottled Water Is a Great Favor

Baby showers have become an important part of a mommy-to-be's life. These are celebrations that are quite memorable for the mothers. This would be the best reason why you would need to have truly original and memorable favors.

One of the best baby shower favors that you can give out would be personalized bottles of water. Some bottles of water are pretty enough to give out without any other embellishment, although their price would probably turn out to be even more than a personalized one. You don't need to give out designer water though, just make sure that it's spring water that tastes good.

You can customize these in your own way, and in a design that would work well with the baby shower theme. You could either order these online or print them yourself. Names, party details, personalized colors, or photos, all of these can be put on the labels. These orders can usually be customized if you send in a high-quality logo or picture in the usual .jpg format to be printed on for you. It's a great way to make a conversation starter and also make a great splash.

If you're choosing your labels, make sure that you choose those that are waterproof and also colorfast. The decorations for these should be waterproof as well because you need to factor in possible accidents. These would also allow you to refrigerate the water bottles or put them on ice.

When choosing the size, the most popular size would be the eight-ounce bottles. These are just enough for a serving of water and are the easiest to handle at a party. Usually, these come delivered in cases of twenty-four filled bottles, so a single order would already be plenty.

Flavored waters like seltzer are another possible favor choice, as are bottles of sports drinks for an extremely hot day. You would just need to remove the label and put on your own personal label instead.

As with everything, presentation is the key when giving away favors. These can be set at each place setting at the dining table, complete with a cuff of curling ribbons to pretty it up some more. It will make a perfect substitute for individualized floral decorations if artificial flowers are added to the decorations. Some embellish it even more by hot-gluing a resin figurine onto the top of the bottle. Or, you can drop the bottle in a pretty cloth sack and wrap that up with a satin ribbon to finish.

Why not fill a metal washtub with ice and arrange the bottles in there? Just make sure that any decorations that you choose to use can stand up to the water and not turn limp. This is the time to choose those plastic ribbons and flowers – a terrific choice for a beach or Hawaiian themed baby shower!

For the more “natural” themes, a daisy chain wreath of fresh flowers would look both pretty and unusual. Nestled in a basket of thick, green moss decorated with smooth white stones and a few loose blossoms, these would give off a very woodland sort of feel.