Unusual Moms Deserve Unique Baby Shower Favors

What's to do when the mother to be is not the usual mom? You may well expect to throw a baby shower for a mother that is weighed down with a big belly or complaining of swollen ankles, but there are those women that take to pregnancy like a duck does to water.

These are the women with clear, glowing skin, an irrepressible attitude, and think nothing of walking through pregnancy in three-inch heels and a short dress! You'll need to match her baby shower with unique baby shower favors to suit her and her beautiful character.

These women practically call for baby showers that use unusual colors, have unique themes, and also uncommon favors. It was for these women that themes with the names “Modern Mama,” “Tie-Dyed Baby Shower,” or “Diva Mommy” came about. Now, what favors could be as luscious as mommies like these?

For the mommy that always looks like perfection, you could maybe give something that epitomizes her groomed look. For example, a pretty jeweled compact for her to check her face with when she's out or a manicure set to ensure those perfect nails. Manicure sets come packed in unusual containers, too, not just in those boring black plastic zipper sets. Why not look for a set that lives in a little evening bag or one encased in the sole of a fabric flip-flop?

An elegant, wine-loving mama would definitely appreciate having a beautiful corkscrew, and so would her friends! There are many unusual types around, from those that are beautiful silver to those that come in anodized colors. There are also those that have their tops decorated with crystals in fanciful shapes. The corkscrews that look like modern art would not be easily hidden away in a utility drawer, but would be used time and again with pride. You could also include bottle openers to that list, as there are some beautiful ones that are really eye-catching as well as utilitarian. Now that's the kind of baby shower favor anyone could appreciate!

A favor that any literary-minded mama would appreciate would be a beautiful bookmark, maybe paired with a wonderful child's book to go with it! There is no greater thing than letting a little one crawl up and listen to a classic story read before bed.

It would be a wonderful favor for a book baby shower as well, one theme that is usually chosen by a mother to be that has all the necessities available for child birth but no time to choose a great library. Once friends are recruited to bring in a favorite book or its copy, then there will a wonderful, pre-chosen library to offer the little baby.

Baby showers are not merely parties where one merely dumps presents on a mother to be, especially one that is not run of the mill! These parties are now carefully planned to ensure that the mother's wishes and visions for her child are brought to life. The favors are what the guests have to bring home afterward, and these would do well to reflect the mother as well.

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