Fill Baby Bottles to Make Cute Baby Shower Favors

Baby bottle favors are wonderfully easy to create and look really cute to boot. You don't need to limit yourself to just the plastic drinking baby bottles. You can even recycle baby food bottles if you can find enough to give to all the guests. These can literally be filled with anything, you just need to use your imagination.

First of all, let's tackle what can go inside. The more common stuffer for baby bottles are jelly beans in the color scheme of the baby shower. The cutest are the mini jelly beans that you can even combine with gumdrops in coordinating colors.

M&M's are another choice, as are Mentos candies, Nerds, and Skittles are other sweet choices. Why not try something different and fill them with tiny colored marshmallows? Literally any kind of unwrapped candy can be used to add a jolt of color to the favor.

Don't like to give sweets? If the theme fits, like an Oriental Spa or Asian theme, you can fill it with Japanese rice crackers or wasabi coated peanuts. A party mix would be a great choice as well.

Why not treat the bottle as a container for sand art and fill it with an edible painting? Your choices would be myriad as well. In cold weather, why not fill them with eight types of beans and a bouillon cube to make a mix for Eight-Bean Soup. Make it a pair of bottles and fill it with a mix for cornbread or biscuits. Be sure to print out a recipe card that you attach to the bottles.

Another possibility is to fill the bottles with cookie dough. Chocolate cookie dough can be filled with alternating colors of the flour, brown and white sugar, powdered milk, and cocoa. Spice cookies can have the spices mixed into the flour to vary the colors. Again, add the recipe cards!

If you're using the smaller baby bottles or baby food jars, you can use colored sanding sugar. It's perfect near holiday times to use on sugar cookies for holiday parties.

You could also give out flavored sugar instead. These are really pretty when the sugar is blended with the flavoring itself. Imagine caster sugar blended with organic lavender heads, dried citrus peels, vanilla beads or air-dried tarragon leaves. A great treat is a mix of white and brown sugar flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ground ginger. These look very unusual and give off a great whiff of scent when opened.

Last, decorate the bottle favors. For the baby food jars, you could cut out a square of paper or fabric with a pair of pinking shears big enough to cover the jar lid and a little allowance besides. Fasten it onto the jar with a clear ponytail holder. Finish it off with a pretty ribbon tied with a bow and embellished with artificial leaves and flowers or feathers.

Baby bottle favors are easy enough to decorate with a simple satin bow. Embellishments and gift tags can be added as you like. Arrange these pretty bottles in a flat rectangular basket lined with a cloth and set it near the exit for guests to choose from as they depart.