Baby Shower Cookies are Delicious Favors

Perhaps the usual baby shower favors are just not you. Or maybe you've decided to simplify and not give anybody anything that they have to keep. Or maybe you just love edible gifts. Whatever the reason, baby shower cookies are one of the cutest things ever invented. Whoever came up with the idea of turning these little symbols that represent babies into deliciously sweet creations was a genius.

Baby shower cookies are another creative way to make a baby shower truly personal. Everything from the fonts chosen to write a short message or to pick out the baby's name to the colors that are used in the icing paints, to the flavor of the cookie itself makes each one of a kind.

The inspiration for these cookies can come from anywhere, literally. All it takes is imagination and a little know-how OR an extremely talented baker to translate your ideas into reality. And the sky is the limit, it seems! A recent celebrity baby shower thrown for Nicole Richie featured beautifully decorated cookies at each place setting, with each one decorated differently and based on a particular scene from the movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”

These cookies really made the mood at that unique baby shower and it can do the same for yours. All you need is to stretch your imagination and be ready for inspiration when it hits.

Baby shower cookies can even be given as a single favor. They are usually so pretty that one, packaged in a beautiful container, would be more than enough as a memorable favor. Imagine a giant butter cookie in the shape of a baby bootie that has your child's name on it, or the date of the baby shower picked out in scrumptious sugar icing.

Why not make your cookie a thank-you card? It's a truly sweet and delicious way, to express your gratitude for all the people that care about you. Or, you could have it made as the announcement card for the baby's name instead.

Simpler or smaller cookies can be packed into a box for the whole family to share. Who would complain about receiving a box of chocolate chip cookies? Or decadent brownies decorated with icing ribbons? It's safe to say that if the guest in question is on a diet, then the rest of her family will take care of the gift for her.

If your cookies are handmade, or homemade, then a wonderful addition to the cookies themselves would be a recipe card with the entire recipe on it and maybe a cookie cutter if the recipe is for sugar cookies. Other delicious complements to the cookies would be a bottle of instant hot cocoa mix or one of a delicious instant coffee. If you can't abide instant coffee, then a few packets of tea of fresh ground coffee beans would do the trick. Just think of what you like to have with a cookie and have that as a gift.

It just goes to show: no one can resist a cookie!

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