Handmade Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers are wonderfully happy events that celebrate the soon arrival of a new baby. While guests want to find a unique gift that will be nothing less than perfect, those hosting the baby shower also want to be able to leave their own touch. At most baby showers, you will find that guests leave with cute baby shower favors that are true keepsakes.

If you are looking to add a personal touch to your baby shower, one of the best ways to do so is to create handmade baby shower favors for all of your guests to take home. Baby shower favors are what will remind your guests of your baby shower. By making these favors by hand, you will definitely be able to add your own creative touch that you can’t find in the stores. Since the baby shower favors will be handmade, they will feel much more personal, and your guests are sure to thank you for them.

One of the easiest handmade baby shower favors you can make is a goodie-bag filled with sweets. You could make cookies and use a cookie cutter to cut them into shapes such as bottles, rattles, booties, carriages, and others. This will probably work best if you are making sugar cookies. You can always add colored sprinkles to the top of them to go along with your baby shower! You can also make chocolate covered pretzels. You can buy pretzels, as well as colored chocolate, and viola, chocolate covered pretzels. You can easily find pink or blue chocolate to use.

If you don’t want to use edible baby shower favors, you could always try to make handmade candles, or even scented soaps. You can easily find kits in a craft store that will allow you to make candles or soaps. You could find baby shower molds, and then wrap up the favor in tulle or some other fabric, and top it off with a nice bow. If you plan to make candles, you can always make your own candle label to go around it. Something saying “It’s a boy/girl” or even a simple thanks is sure to leave a lasting memory.

Maybe you want to get a little bit more crafty and hands-on. One extremely great handmade baby shower favor is to go to your local craft store, purchase square cut-outs that you can use a frame, and then decorate it. You can use foam cut-outs, glitter, sticks, paint, and other materials to add a personal touch to each frame. While the frame may not have pictures, you can easily send out pictures from the baby shower, or send pictures of the baby when he/she is born!

Handmade baby shower favors are fun and extremely exciting to make. While they do take time, you won’t regret being able to give a favor to all of your guests that you made by hand. These are only a few ideas, but if you’re a creative person, you are sure to be able to think of something that is personal and unique.