What Types of Baby Picture Frame Favors Should Be Chosen?

There is no more traditional type of favor for a celebration than a picture frame and the miniature that accompanies it. Yet, it's still a popular choice to this day and the sheer amount of choices that you have as to colors and styles will ensure that it will be popular for a long time to come!

It's a great way to give guests a chance to display their favorite pictures while using a reminder of the great time they had at your baby shower. Of course, since a picture frame is very personal you may be worried that what you choose to give away won't “go with” the recipient's décor. However, many of the decorations nowadays are very eclectic and this is a rather sentimental gift, so you needn't worry that it will be tucked away without it being used!

Just keep in mind that you should choose your gift based on the people that you are inviting to your baby shower. For example, if your guests are all your mothers, then it would be great to give out a very baby themed frame like one in the shape of a onesie, carriage, or a rocking horse. These frames would be natural homes for the babies that they have. If you can, it would be nice to choose the colors according to the gender of their children, so you don't have to worry about it being appropriate. Or you could play safe and easy and just choose white!

Rocking Horse Picture Frames Onesies Photo Frames
Heart Design Photo Frames Baby Stroller Photo Frames

A beautiful combination would be a miniature brag book of a photo album with a picture frame as a cover. Anybody would love to be able to fill this up, child or no child. It's an appropriate gift that would be happily accepted by anyone.
Mini Photo Album Placecard Holders

If you veer towards the more traditional, then you could choose the classic silver frames. From the usual rectangular, oval, and hearts now come more unusual shapes like swans, teddy bears, and ballerinas. These would look very pretty either in the bedroom or in the living room, depending on the type of border that you choose. There are also more modern styles as well, with cut-work metal making it more linear than fluffy. These would be more city-slicker than country-chic.
Silver Metal Photo Frame - Rectagular Classic Beaded Silver Frame
Stylish Metal Silver Frame Pacifier Photo Frame
Baby Bottle Photo Frame  

The metal frames could seem rather cold to some people, though. That's where resin steps in. These frames are highly eclectic, with lots of varying styles that can suit almost any interior. Taking the place of the delicate ceramic frames of old, these types give the same sense of fragility while being more sturdy than anyone would dream of.
Winter Snowflake Photo Frame Tiger Lily Photo Frame
Rose Photo Frame Calla Lily Photo Frame

Varying from the flirty, girly types that are embellished with beads, sparkles, and feathers, they can also be sweet when decorated with rubber duckies, teddy bears, or other mementos of childhood.
Beach Flip Flop Photo Frame Teddy Bear Design Photo Frame

Just remember, it may be better to place a little poem or story in the picture frame instead of a picture itself. Some recipients do like to change what is displayed and unless you are not going to be offended by having your child's ultrasound portrait exchanged with one of the recipient's children (or dog, as one story went), you would do well to avoid choosing something that would cause ill feelings in the future.