Ideas to Make Your Own Baby Shower Favors

What to do if you've stuck to your guns and done everything you wanted your way and you're suddenly faced with planning a baby shower with run-of-the-mill baby shower favors? Well, it's time to put that fertile imagination to work and make your own baby shower favors. There are a lot of “ingredients” available on the internet and you could put them together in your own way to make a baby shower favor all your own.

If, for example, you've planned a circus, baseball, or zoo themed baby shower, an unusual favor to give would be a box or bag of popcorn. It's even more unusual when the popcorn box itself is imprinted with the usual stripes and a figure of a very pregnant woman on it. But, filled with meltingly delicious caramel buttered popcorn and maybe some candied pecans, it's a favor worth relishing very slowly.

What if you have a tiny gift to give away? If it's a set of soap balls, or a perfectly shaped rose candle, or even an exquisite truffle brownie, the box that it comes in counts even more. Choose one that is worthy of coddling an expensive gem and your gift will feel that way, too. Top it with luscious velvet, satin, or ombre ribbon and you'll give your guests a gift of true luxury. It even works if the box is filled with gumballs! Just choose the colors to complement the gift inside and don't forget the tissue lining.

If your gift is a little bigger, maybe like a set of bath potions or a dozen homemade cookies, then you'll want a personalized box to put it in. Chosen well, your gift will take on the feel of coming from a choice boutique or upper-crust shop. It won't matter if the inside is homemade (or it may just give your favor that perfect appeal) when the packaging is exquisite. Don't choose anything that needs staples, that's really not a classy type of seal. One that is closed with a sticker or your own personal label is the better choice. Add on your choice or ribbon or other ornamentation and you're good to go.

Candies are sweet favors in more ways than one and there is no woman in her right mind that would refuse a chocolate bar! Of course, packaging it in its own personalized wrapper takes it a step out of the ordinary and puts it in a special league of its own. You can seal it with a sticker as well, and tie it all up with a pretty bow. There's nothing better than your own personal bar of chocolate.

Of course, if you really want to do everything from scratch, you would be able to utilize those pretty, clear cellophane bags and seal everything up with It's a Boy or It's a Girl twist ties. These usually come in pink or blue and add that individual touch to a bag of goodies. Twist ties could also be replaced by personalized stickers or even by a length of personalized ribbon.

Supplies to Make Your Own Favors

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