Baby Shower Candles Make a Beautiful Baby Shower Favor

You've planned everything that you need for the baby shower together with your hostesses. All that remains is what you'd like to give your guests in return for being at your baby shower and giving you a wonderful day. Of course, you'd like to give something a little bit different from everyone else – what choices would you have?

There are more than a few websites that mention giving candles for a favor and they couldn't be more right! Baby shower candles are the consummate favor and one that is practical and “fluffy” at the same time. You can afford to be greatly sentimental when you give out a candle and make it reflect exactly what you want!

However, it must be pointed out that this is not the time to be giving out a simple white votive with a few ribbons tied around it. It's an occasion that deserves something better. This is the time to be highly imaginative and raise the simple candle from being something just practical to a beautiful token to be admired.

A sense that is highly attuned to a pregnant woman is that of smell. Of course, scented candles are all the rage, but why not choose one that smells of baby powder? It is one scent that remains buried in the back of the memories but arouses sentimental feelings when smelled. When that smell comes packages in a pretty votive and tied around with a complementary ribbon, then it becomes one favor to be remembered.

Candles are definitely a way to make use of all the senses, so it would be fitting to choose an unusual one. For example, if the proud daddy keeps on talking about the days when he can bring his little boy (or girl!) out on the field where they can toss baseballs, then why not choose a baseball-shaped candle to give away as a favor? It could be in the customary blue, but a pink one would be just as great. Paired off with a bag of peanuts and a box of Cracker Jacks, it would be the consummate baseball baby shower favor.

A pun on the favorite “bun in the oven” joke is a candle that looks exactly like that – shaped like a bun and packed into a miniature oven! It's a touch of whimsy that no person can resist cracking a smile at. There are other candles in this genre, shaped like cupcakes or miniature cakes, or even coming in the shape of chocolate truffles or bonbons. These delicious little candles do a lot towards lightening the notion of a baby being all work and no time to laugh.

So while people make odes to the practicality of candles, they are romantic as well, little scraps of the past that have endured to now. They aren't really needed in the modern world of today that comes with electric lights and battery-operated flashlights, but they endure. If fact, they could actually be an emblem of the long-lasting values that comprise motherhood and family.

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