Ideas for Christening and Baptism Favors

If you are planning a religious ceremony for your little one, it may be more of a challenge than any secular ceremony that you've ever hosted before. You would need to walk a fine line to present a ceremony that is both beautiful and sentimental. It's that very balance that makes the choice of Christening and Baptism favor ideas more important than ever.

Since the Christening or Baptism is a way of welcoming the little one into the church, it's a truly great and important celebration. Giving out a favor is a wonderful way to show the guests how much you appreciate their taking time out to share a special day with you.

These favors don't have to be fantastic – or expensive. They simply need to be something that is heartfelt and chosen with especial consideration. Sometimes a simple, handmade favor will have more meaning than one that is just purchased from a shop. Yet, these favors tend to be more on the serious side than those that are usually chosen for a viewing party or a baby shower. That's the reason why a lot of people choose to make their own favors, as it's quite difficult to find favors that can express this sentiment fully.

For example, a perfect favor for a religious celebration such as a Christening and Baptism would be a small prayer book or maybe a bookmark with a Biblical verse imprinted on it. It could be partnered with a small votive candle set in an appropriately decorated glass, since candles are used in most religious home ceremonies, such as family prayer time.

If the family is Catholic, the rosary would be a good Christening and Baptism favor idea. Or, if religious statuary is acceptable, then a small figure of the Holy Family would be a nice gift.

A religious image acceptable to most faiths is the angel. You could make this the theme of the Christening party and give favors in angel images, such as curio boxes, candle holders, key chains, or even notepads. It's a beautiful remembrance of the guardian angel that most faiths hold dear.

However, there may be some non-Church members in attendance. Or, they could be simply of different faiths. In order to do away with a possible faux pas, you may choose to give a secular gift instead. For example, why not give a potted plant in bud to symbolize your young child's growing in the faith? Or, you could choose to gift everyone with a posy of dried flowers that hold a religious significance. Check out websites that explain the Victorian language of flowers so you can create an appropriate message.

Remember, no matter what kind of gift you decide to give, this is a very personal event so you should make it as much about the baby as possible. Make sure that the baby's name and the date of the event as well as where it took place is on the favor. You can do this with a sticker or a little card, no matter if it's a prayer book or a box of mints.

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