Baby Shower Bonbonnieres are Beautiful Traditional Gifts

Bombonieres or bonbonnieres are traditional favors given at weddings or christenings and now at baby showers for the Italians. These sweet favors have been adapted by people all over the world as a wonderful way of saying “thanks” to the people that helped to make the day better.

Traditionally, the favors given are sugared almonds, the classic symbols of the bittersweetness in life that come with changes brought about by family. Modern bonbonnieres don't just use candied almonds, though. There are other things that can fill up these sweet bags.

Any hard-coated candy can be used for this giveaway. For example, candy coated pumpkin or sunflower seeds, candy coated peanuts, or even jellybeans can be substituted instead. Mentos-type candies can be pretty as well.

If you want to use a different kind of candy, it would be good to wrap the candies in a food-grade plastic wrap to keep the candies from not staining the organza bags that usually wrap the candies. Delicious treats like glazed and chocolate dipped orange slices, glazed fruits, or chocolate truffles can be used instead.

One new trend that is getting more popular is to fill the bags with personalized rock candy. These sweet candies are made with the baby's name or the mommy-to-be's name on them. These beautiful conversation starters show the name until the candy disappears because of the way the candy is made.

You can order exquisite bonbonnieres online, either in organza bags tied with ribbons or smaller pouches that are bunched together to form large bows or daisies. Modern bonbonnieres can be put in decorated paper boxes in different forms like stars, flowers, or even little cars.

A plain box can be easily decorated with a pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, beads or rhinestones, and other finishing touches like feathers or flowers. Simply glue the paper to the box and allow it to dry. You can use a stiff object like an old credit card to smooth out any bubbles. Wrap a length of ribbon across the lid of the box. Decorate the box with stick-on rhinestones, flowers, and feathers.

But it's easy enough to make your own. All you need are two squares of tulle, one about half an inch smaller than the other. These can be cut out in the colors of the baby shower if you wish for added sparkle. Brush the edges of the tulle in thinned out white glue and dip them in glitter. Allow them to dry over waxed paper so they don't stick.

Layer the tulle squares, the small one on the bottom or the outside and the larger one on the inside. Put the candies on the inside and bunch up the tulle. Fasten the puff with a clear ponytail holder or a clear twist tie.

Embellish the bonbonniere with a bow of organza or satin ribbon. You could mix the type of ribbons for a more luxe look. If you'd like a more elaborate design, fasten some artificial or dried flowers to the front of the bow. You could also fasten a small resin ornament to the bow. It will make a really unusual finishing touch.