Chocolate Dreams in Baby Shower Favors

Well, there is another bit of good news about being pregnant. It seems that these longings for chocolate are actually healthy for the mother to be and produce happier children as well. It seems a chemical found in chocolate called phenylethylamine can really make people happy!

So, chocolate would be a wonderful favor to give away at a baby shower. In fact, given this information, baby shower chocolate should be consumed in moderation by just about anybody.

Chocolate for favors are a traditional thing. It's been noted for decades that chocolate cigars were handed out when children were born, in lieu of the less healthy tobacco of the past. And personalized chocolate bars are always something to look forward to. Who, indeed, would argue with a gift of chocolate?

Actually, even just a whiff of chocolate can play havoc with the senses. You don't need to give out a giant bar, even just one perfect jewel of a truffle will do. Put that little gem into a box worthy of a diamond ring, and your guests will not ask for anything more.

The sweetest gifts are personalized baby shower Hershey kisses, and chocolate ones come into that category too. It's fun to play with the colored wrappings of chocolate kisses and a further way of personalizing it is to add tiny stickers to the bottom of each one. If you can manage it, the little bit of paper that wraps around each kiss can also be personalized with a name or a date.

Chocolate enhances other types of food, too. A traditional gift of candied orange rinds dipped into dark chocolate is enough to send a vaunted chocoholic into raptures. Other more common things can be dipped into chocolate, too. How would you like to sink your teeth into a chocolate-dipped Oreo, for example?

There are dozens of different ways to customize your chocolate favor. Did you know that you can actually create your own chocolate bar? There are sites that allow you to choose from a list of ingredients so you can create something all your own. What can be more personal than that? If you don't want to go through the trouble, you can just get chocolate bars or minature chocolate bars and create your own personalized label.

If you want to give something truly unusual, there are chocolatiers that can copy anything you want in chocolate. If you want to create a painting of the ultrasound picture of your baby onto a block of white or dark chocolate, these are the artists to do it for you. If your baby shower has a certain unusual theme, then it's not a difficulty for them to make a chocolate lollipop in the shape of Cookie Monster or whatever image you want.

And it doesn't even matter if you're on a diet! Chocolate scented favors can be had as well, from candles that look and smell like truffles or chocolate petit fours, to soaps that can masquerade as the best Swiss chocolate, to hand lotions with a yummy chocolate smell.

Chocolate is indeed a new medium in the world of art, and no matter what it is that you dream of, a chocolatier can make it for you.