Bath, Body, and Soap Baby Shower Favors Make a Heady Pampering Experience

When perusing web pages for ideas on the perfect baby shower favors, don't count out bath, body, and soap baby shower favors at all! It's a perfect gift to guests, and will be one that evokes memories of fun times in the bath, both as a baby and with the baby.

There are many themes that will find these little luxuries to be just the right favors. For example, many women are now opting to have baby showers for the succeeding children, not just for the first. But because they already have most of the things needed for a baby, these showers take on the look and feel of a girls' day out. A usual theme for this baby shower is a “sparty” or a pampering time with the girls. And what better favor for this type of party than a few little bath luxuries themselves?

Bath bombs in delicious scents would allow the party to carry on for more than just a few hours, as would bath salts, prettily colored bath confetti, or a wonderfully scented body lotion. You could go a step beyond and even create a little basket filled with these treats and throw in a luffa or a sea sponge to top it off. It's sure to be a gift that will be enjoyed in the future.

Of course, soaps aren't just created for the bath. There are pretty little guests soaps that come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes that would be just perfect for a little baby shower favor. And these are ingeniously inventive as well – there are those that look just like little ice creams, some that are perfect fish or seashells, others that are insects like lady bugs or butterflies, and the more usual parade of hearts and stars.

A pretty addition to a bathroom counter-top would be a soap rose in its own pretty box or even “planted” in a tiny, decorated pot. With each petal made of a fragile layer of soap, the recipient could simply pull off a petal to wash her hands or drop the whole rose into a bathtub to come out clothed with its fragrance. It's a wonderful, beautiful, and unique type of favor.

If your baby shower borders on the unusual, like one with an Oriental theme, then there is even a bath-themed favor that can be complementary to that. Fizzers come in many different shapes and scents, so it's not a surprise that someone thought to make one in the shape of a fortune cookie. These fragile and pretty little favors could be nicely packaged with some scented soaps or even a foot scrub to make the highly indulgent bathing experience complete.

After a bath, any woman would give thought to pampering her skin. There is nothing quite like rubbing in a richly-scented body butter after a warm and soothing bath and topping it all off with a lip balm so deliciously scented you're tempted to eat it off your lips. Don't mothers deserve to be pampered, after all?

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