Baby Shower Magnets are Practical and Sentimental

Of all the baby showers that you may have to choose from, perhaps a baby shower magnet would be the one that is used and collected by many people. These showers are what can be used to remember the date of the celebration, both before and after it starts.

These are terrific as save-the-date giveaways as well. After all, these are normally placed on the door of the refrigerator and are what stare people in the face early in the morning. It's a terrific and practical way to spread the good news about the coming baby.

It's safe to say that the Chinese, who discovered magnetism centuries ago, would have never thought that their discovery would be used like this. Magnets were employed for almost everything practical, but it was not usual to have them in small sizes doing a trivial job of holding up memos.

While magnets are eons old, refrigerator magnets are not. It's claimed that the first magnets popped up in the 1970s, with a William Zimmerman of Missouri applying for the patent on them. True, in the 1950s, there was nothing that was stuck on the refrigerator but all notices were put on bulletin and cork boards instead.

Baby shower magnets are truly versatile. There is not one other type of favor that can be employed as a save-the-date reminder, as an invitation, and also as a keepsake. It has a longer lasting power than a mere scrap of paper, and won't put on extra pounds like food! Not to mention the fact that there are so many different kinds of refrigerator magnets that you are definitely bound to find one to suit the theme of the baby shower at hand.

A spring or garden baby shower would probably benefit from a refrigerator magnet in the shape of a ladybug or a flower. The more unusual you can be in your choice of magnets, the better! Why not choose a figure of a surfer on the crest of a wave for summer? Or an image of the Eiffel Tower or a tiny French Poodle for a Parisian baby shower?

The magnet is also a place to imprint your invitation. Since most magnets come in the size of a business card, it would be a snap to put in the details of the celebration. It's also easy to personalize it with a choice picture or image, and put in the colors that you like as well.

If you wish to send a separate invitation, then the magnet's surface becomes the perfect canvas for a heartfelt poem or beautiful sentiments that the mother to be would want to express to her guests.

You could also decide to give out a more practical gift, let's say a magnet with a clip attached to hold a note or memo. It's one that's sure to hold everything without dropping it to the floor.

Of course, there is nothing a child likes better to do than to re-arrange magnets on the refrigerator to make a pretty picture or “landscape.” So, you could add the role of child's toy to those that are already taken up by these useful little things!