Baby Shower Gift Boxes for Your Favors

Baby shower gift boxes are popular containers for baby shower favors. These sweet little containers can be created from simple card stock or could be purchased plain and simply embellished. It would really depend on how much time and creativity you have in store.

If you would prefer to make your own boxes, you have several choices. You could fold your own boxes using a step-by-step tutorial of an origami gift box. After an attempt or two, you would become adept enough at making gift boxes for small favors like a piece of delicate jewelry, a luscious truffle or decadent brownie, or a small pot of lip balm.

Be sure to look for a tutorial that has pictures or a video. This is rather too complicated to describe with words alone.

Websites abound on the internet with offers of free templates that can be downloaded to create truly sweet baby shower boxes. After printing out the template, use a paper cutting knife and a metal ruler to cut out the box from your chosen paper. A self-healing mat and a sharp pair of scissors to trim off any irregularities will leave you with a neat cutout of a box.

Use a bone folder to first score along the lines to be folded by running its pointed tip along the edge of the metal ruler. Then, crease the cutout at the folds, smoothing them down with the bone folder. This ensures nice, sharp, and tight corners.

Assemble the box first to make sure you know how the pieces fit together. Then, paint some white glue along the folds of the box. You could use a thick piece of card to sweep off the excess glue. When the glue gets a little tacky, put the correct edges together and let it dry for a day.

If you really don't have the time to put the boxes together yourself, there's nothing wrong with buying plain boxes and getting them embellished. You could even paint these boxes as they usually come in a basic paper bag brown. The best type of paint to use would be acrylics and you could even spray paint the boxes if you wish.

There is no end of embellishments that you can put on these boxes! Artificial flowers, stick-on jewels, little bows, in fact, anything you think of can go on these boxes. Why not cover the box with scraps of lace, finish off the sides of the lid in a satin ribbon in a coordinating color, glue on a satin rose and a pearl spray and you're set to go. You won't even need to add anything else except a gift tag and a tissue nest on the interior.

Other pieces of art are formed when a collage of pretty papers is glued onto the surfaces and a satin cord is used to finish off the lid. You could even make more patterns on the surface with pieces of thick thread dipped in glue and pearlescent mica powder or fine glitter. The threads create ridges and a 3D interest on the box lid and sides.