Gleaning Ideas From Celebrity Baby Shower Decorations

When the highly publicized celebrity baby showers look like a movie set, most of us wonder exactly how we can get baby shower decorations that look even remotely like that. Well, there's a secret to all this. Take a look at celebrity baby showers for inspiration and you'll be able to take a few bits here and there from their baby shower decorations and translate them for your own baby shower.

There are a few baby showers that are quite easy to adapt for your own. For example, Sheryl Crowe was the guest of honor at her adopted son's baby shower and the baby shower theme was ecologically green. Sticking to earthy colors of red, blue, and brown and adapting the Red Flyer little red wagon as the theme of the party, Sheryl's friends kept everything reusable, recyclable and organic.

The passionate environmentalist was treated to hundreds of soy candles lighting up a backyard gazebo where the gift opening was held. The tables were covered in brown fabric and real silverware and real plates were used along with fabric napkins. Little Red Flyers were all over the party area and decorated the top of the cake, too. The entrance to the party sported a clothesline hung with a set of baby clothes.

A little more “Hollywood” but still reachable through its ideas is Nicole Richie-Madden's “Wizard of Oz” book baby shower. The party area was announced with a yellow brick road edged with candy “flowers” and a large blue sign that read “Lions and Tigers and Babies, Oh My!” Other touches from the famous movie were life-sized figures of the main characters dotted around the room.

The centerpieces on the tables were picnic baskets with stuffed toy Totos peeking out from a bed of red roses. Beside the basket was a pair of red ruby slippers and attached to the basket was a miniature hot air balloon. The place settings sported napkin rings decorated with miniature ruby slippers. The focus of the room was a large cake topped with yet another pair of ruby slippers. At one side of the party area was a candy bar that was named “Munchkin Land.” Loads of adoptable ideas here.

And what if you're expecting a little princess? P. Diddy's pink extravaganza may have some touches you'd like to adapt. EVERYTHING was pink for Diddy's little twin princesses, from the parents-to-be's clothes to the food! The table centerpieces were little pink roses bunched in sweet pink-and-white ceramic vases, surrounded by undeniably cute ceramic figurines perfect for a little baby girl. The pink nylon sheers divided the big party room into smaller, more intimate areas.

There had to be a cake, of course. The 6-tiered pink cake with gold filigree and gilt highlights were covered with pink spun sugar bows and topped with pink roses, echoing the table centerpieces.

If you want something a little more unusual, then maybe Britney Spears' Barefoot and Beautiful Moroccan baby shower is more your thing. Set up in a fabric-covered bamboo tent in her front yard, her guests walked through thousands of rose petals to enter the party area. Sitting at a Arabic-inspired table under dozens of hanging rose balls and surrounded by hundreds of flowers, the setting was intimate, though different because of its Eastern influences.

The highlight of the evening was the requisite baby shower cake made in the shape of an antique Morrocan pot that had a little baby peeking out. Needless to say, that baby shower is still talked about today.