Britney Spears Moroccan Themed Baby Shower

Now, who would put their baby shower on the evening news and even grant interviews while you are inside? Well Britney Spears did just that and maybe it is good that she did since everyone now knows what her shower looked like and can pick up hints and tips from what she chose.

This princess of pop hosted an elaborate and emotional baby shower in her home in Malibu, California where the invitations asked that guests come in “barefoot and beautiful. ” It was definitely an “up there” type of event held just a few weeks before the pop princess gave birth to her child.

Ms. Spears wore a black dress which hid her decidedly robust and healthy figure of eight months. Well, this was a good way to look sexy despite the girth.

Britney's Moroccan themed baby shower was all about being barefoot and beautiful. She and her nineteen guests held the celebration outside in a fabric draped bamboo tent and with a path of red rose petals leading to the tent's door, though which the guests walked barefoot. Flanking the pathway were topiary pillars made of ferns decorated with floral balls of red and yellow gerberas and topped by flaming torches. Inside the tent, it was very romantically mysterious.

More than a hundred candles in rose-decorated candelabras covered a large round table draped in dark pink fabric and hundreds of roses filled footed vases that were placed everywhere. The table centerpiece was a collection of huge vases of dozens of red roses and more rose petals were scattered over the table – keeping up with the North African feast.

Over the table itself, dozens of red rose topiary balls were also hanging from scarlet ribbons attached to the tent's ceiling.

Of course, the food was Moroccan inspired as well, with braised beef brisket and salad Tangiers on the menu.

The conversation starting cake was something truly unusual. Instead of the traditional tiered cake, Britney opted for an edible reproduction of a really elaborate Moroccan porcelain jar, with a sugar baby on top! And the cake must have been good, since Britney's two stepchildren by Kevin Federline were seen taking quite a few helpings from it.

For the baby shower activity, the girls opted to have henna tattoos done, which Britney did on her toes. There were the obligatory baby shower games as well, with Baby Word Scramble and Name that Baby Item answered on computer-printed game sheets and pretty rose-topped pens. Surprisingly, Britney Spears’ baby sister Jamie Lynn won both games. The other game was Guess How Big Britney's Belly Is.

As for the favors, Britney handed out Bijoux bags with gifts inside of clothes and jewelry totaling about $545.00 and her personal touch – a bottle of her perfume, Curious. Needless to say, everyone left that Moroccan baby shower feeling exotic and beautiful.

Spears gushed that “everyone outdid themselves” and that she was very happy that everyone came to make that day one of the happiest in her life.