Barbara Bermudo's Back to Back Baby Showers

It's not often that a celebrity celebrates two baby showers within a really short time. But if anyone would do so, then Barbara Bermudo would be the perfect celebrity to accomplish this feat. The sexy chief anchorwoman of Spanish network Univision had one baby shower in 2009 and another in 2010.

The first baby shower, for her little girl Mia Andrea, was thrown in May 2009 in a ritzy restaurant called “Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita” by the baby toy giant Fisher Price. It was a great day for Barbara since all her close friends, family, and co-workers all came in to join her for the celebration.

This large number of guests led her to call it a “second wedding.” The event was prettily decorated in hot pink and white which made if feel wonderfully spring-like, perfect for the expected baby girl.

There were a lot of games that were concocted by Creative Florida Weddings and Events, especially a “Diaper Race” where Barbara and friends had to race each other at properly changing the diapers on baby dolls.

After all the activity and the handing out of giant baby bottles filled with pink M&M's, Barbara had fun looking through a guest book that was signed by al the guests and filled with tons of advice as well as pictures. That is a beautiful keepsake for anyone to receive.

Right after Mia's first birthday, Barbara again had another baby shower thrown in her honor for her second daughter, Camila. This time, Pampers took charge of the festivities. What was really different this time was that she shared the happy event with hundreds of Latina mommies-to-be in Miami.

The party area was lavishly decorated in pastels and white, with the center of attraction being a huge diaper cake, of course. Many mommies-to-be were photographed with the cake, it being prettily decorated with purple and aqua ribbons, Pamper's corporate colors. Bunches of balloons and streamers in the same colors decorated the walls while luscious bouquets of white flowers graced the tables.

While the event was also to celebrate the new partnership between Barbara and the baby supplies company, that didn't stop the other mommies-to-be from enjoying their special day. After all, how can you complain when you're fed a lot of luscious food, get exceptional treats to take home, have a personal pampering session with spa treatments galore including hand massages and luxurious manicures, and talks with the other mothers on the best ways to care for babies and other subject related to that, including how the best fix up the nursery!

If that wasn't enough, the mothers all went home with a huge woven wicker Moses basket from Pampers which was filled with presents and essential Pampers products.

All in all, it was a very pretty celebration for a beautiful mother of two girls that she graciously shared with many other mothers. The glowing Barbara said she was very excited to welcome her second child and she definitely looked it that day.