Celebrity Baby Shower Gifts

When gifts are showered on an expectant celebrity couple, mouths usually drop down in shock. Some gifts would sometimes be the equivalent to the downpayment on a car, or sometimes on a home!

Even if ordinary people know that they'd receive gifts like those only in their wildest dreams, there is still a rather perverse interest in knowing what the celebrity parents-to-be got from their equally popular friends.

One of the most lavish celebrity baby shower bashes was thrown by the famous party man himself, Sean “P. Diddy” Coombs. At the “Little Miss Diddy's Pretty in Pink” baby shower for his twin daughters with his longtime girlfriend Kim Porter, the gift list was as star-studded as their guest list. Actor Denzel Washington gifted the little girls with a pink-and-white chandelier, Jay-Z and Beyonce showed up with a custom-made changing table, and LL Cool J brought in two designer cribs in cream aside from other pricey gifts like a pink baby buggy and a bling-encrusted pacifier. Although, the gift registry was beyond even that. The couple registered for an R-class Mercedez Benz to chauffeur their two little princesses around.

Rockin' clothing designer Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale had a pink lamb-themed baby shower (for Gwen's clothing line L.AM.B.) at their friend's mansion in Los Angeles. The swanky event was also star-studded but while the guests went home with truffles and flowers, little Kingston James McGregor Rossdale received a $1200 bedding set, a $6200 gold necklace, a $1300 chandelier, and lots of other presents as well.

Jessica Alba's private lavender and white flowered baby shower at the Ever After Teahouse with about 35 friends was a rather quiet affair. But the gifts were something else! Cradles, rattles, Dr. Seuss baby books, baby clothes, and gifts from Kim Kardashian's baby boutique, Smooch.

Kelis, the R&B singer, had a baby shower with forty close friends at the Big Apple's Soho House. She received a lot of designer baby gear like a Bugaboo stroller, a Louis Vuitton diaper bag, Jordan sweat suits, a few baby monitors, and lots and lots of different baby clothes.

Pop Princess Britney Spears celebrated with a Moroccan themed baby shower in a fabric-covered bamboo tent at her home. She received a white, wrought iron bassinet, a stroller, a car seat, a baby bathtub and plenty of stuffed animals. She was also registered for about $10,000 worth of gifts at a very surprising store – WalMart.

Jennifer Garner actually had two baby showers – the first one was a charity event for Starting Points, a group for children and also their families if they were below eight years of age. She received gifts for herself, however, at her second, private baby shower. The gifts from her close family and friends were a “My Brest Friend” pillow, burp cloths and bibs personalized with the name “Violet,” and a little pink dress that was embroidered elaborately.

It's highly unlikely that we can get the big-ticket items that these celebrities are being given. But they're really fun to read about and make for some very creative daydreaming!