Christina Aguilera Baby Shower

Christina Aguilera's “Kiddieland Carnival” baby shower was invaded by covert operations! With the only photographs taken from a nearby location and from the air, it must have been a real pain preparing for this celebration.

The pictures show that the baby shower was mostly blue and white with touches of red. Before entering the party area, the guests were greeted with a large sign that read: “Welcome to Christina's Kiddieland Carnival.” Over the main entrance was a large arch made of blue and white balloons and arrangements of giant wooden blocks anchoring a bunch of balloons accented with giant mylar baby bottle balloons.

From the helicopter pictures, the view was of tables at the poolside decorated with blue and white balloon bouquets. Suspended across the tables were red Chinese paper lanterns adding a punctuation of color. Surrounding the tables were marquees in striped red and white plus columns and arches made of more blue and white balloons. More giant blocks holding balloons accented the dining area. On the floor were scattered giant blue and white balloon “flowers” adding to the surreal feeling of the decorations. With Christina, a simple party can become a carnival.