Nicole Richie's Baby Shower in Oz

Nicole Richie has been made famous by her friendship with celebrity Paris Hilton and their circle of friends. Before that, Nicole was just known as the daughter of her famous parents – crooner Lionel Richie and his wife Brenda.

Well, little Nicole had a baby of her own and her mom planned an “Oz-tastic” baby shower for her along with her sister Sophia and friends Paris Hilton and Masha Gordon and organized by special events planner Mindy Weiss. The baby shower was attended by about eighty guests, and this combined charity fundraising and book shower was something completely unexpected for Nicole and Joel Madden.

The entry to the baby shower was paved with yellow brick and lined with flowers and candy to represent the Yellow Brick Road and to the side was a big blue sign prominently displayed on an easel saying, “Lions and Tigers And Babies ... Oh My!” At the entrance were also two large pictures, one featuring Nicole and the other her husband, Good Charlotte rock star Joel Madden as babies.

There were life-size standees of the characters of the movie “The Wizard of Oz” scattered all over the room. Prominently displayed in one corner was an unbelievable candy bar named “Munchkin Land Lollipop Shop” full of containers of lollipops, twirls, and other treats.

Music for the event was provided by a live band playing the songs from the soundtrack and their breaks were DJ'd by Samantha Ronson.

The tables were covered with blue checked gingham tablecloths to echo Dorothy's dress. Each place setting was decorated with a sugar cookie based on the characters or a certain theme from the movie. The napkin rings also featured a miniature shoe adorning it. At the center of the tables were picnic baskets that had a pair of ruby slippers placed next to them. The basket was willed with deep red roses and had Toto the dog perched on top of it. Attached to the basket was a suspended multicolored miniature hot air balloon.

The multi-tiered cake was a dream! Topped with a replica of the Emerald City and the ruby red slippers, it was embellished with red roses and blue butterflies with a plaque stating, “There's no place like having a baby at home.” Completing the decorations was a picnic basket with one side filled with a baby bottle, rattles, pacifiers, and a rubber duckie. Toto was featured poking out of the other side. A cupcake tree filled with the delicious mini cakes were decorated with golden yellow icing and topped with red sugar roses.

Nicole had requested her favorite food for the event, including sushi, coconut shrimp, lemon-pepper chicken, fruit, and cake. The food featured were a mini-donut station, a buffet bar filled with onion rings, macaroni and cheese and roast beef. There was also a full pasta bar, especially for Nicole, who was strongly craving it!

One of the games played that day involved a diaper pin necklace and anyone caught saying the word “baby” had to turn it over. Lauren Conrad won that game with an impressive eleven necklaces.

For favors, Nicole gave each of her friends a Mouawad (from her collection designed for jewelry line Mouawad) bangle inspired by Native American jewelry and made of gold, onyx, and leather.