Angelina Jolie Baby Shower

The most speculations surround the baby shower given by the people of Namibia for this Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and respected actress otherwise known as Angelina Jolie. Like everything else that Angelina has done, this was not something of the usual sort.

While waiting for their child to be born, the Jolie-Pitts (Brad Pitt, of course) were stationed in Namibia at one of the refugee camps. Angelina had already refused her mom's offer of giving her a baby shower as she herself is not the traditional kind of person. But the Namibian government was already showering her with baby gifts, including a “baby carrier.” So, when the offer of a baby shower came around, it definitely was not refused.

What's unusual is a few weeks after, pictures began to surface of Angelina and Brad with feather boas in their hair and someone's claims that the pictures were stolen from their memory card. After a court battle, the original pictures were found and most copies on the internet were deleted. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, indeed.