Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Kim Porter's Pink Baby Shower

In 2006, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs announced to the media that he and his longtime girlfriend Kim Porter announced that they were expecting yet again. The couple has an older son, Christian, and Diddy has an older son, Justin, with his previous girlfriend Misa Hylton Brimm.

A few months later, more news from the star: they were expecting not just one baby, but two! And two girls, at that. So, what could Diddy do to top then-new parents Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes plus Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Why, throw a pink baby shower in guise of a party for the Little Miss Diddys.

Well known for not doing anything in halves, Diddy didn't disappoint here either. “Little Miss Diddy's Pretty in Pink” baby shower was a truly lavish event held in New York full of celebrity friends and family. The all-pink event was truly fun, frilly, and fabulous.

Definitely not the usual baby shower, Kim Porter greeted her guests in a very pretty pink and black ruffled maternity dress that was complimented by Diddy in a cotton candy pink short and a pink and black striped silk tie.

The invitations were not of the norm, of course. Little baby blocks were painted with the details of the baby shower and put into a little box packed with paper shreds. The details were in poem form and it went:

Little Miss Diddy's Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

Two little girls are on the way,
Sean and Kim await the day,
With love and joy they
Wish to say,
Join us please
Come out and play!

The party area was decorated all in pink. Pink sheers divided the big area into little rooms and helped to create a really cozy atmosphere.

One attention-getter was the candy bar with tons of pink candies. The tables were simply decorated with baby pink roses and pink ceramic animals surrounding the floral arrangements.

The cake was another attention getter with its towering six tiers covered with candy pink fondant, white and gilt scroll patterns on the fondant, and shiny pink pulled sugar ribbons holding everything together. Although it may have been more wedding cake than baby shower cake, it was enough to feed all the guests and it certainly made an impression, Diddy style.

For refreshments, the guests had shrimp, pink cocktails, and custom made pink MMs and pink-flowered bottles of Perrier Jouet champagne.

To top everything off, Diddy told his guests his feelings for Kim. In a truly surprising move, he professed his love and called her the best friend he loves with all his heart. Thankful that he is partnered with a woman that loves him despite all his faults and B.S., he made Kim well up with tears. The tables were turned when Kim took the floor and related to the guests that just the thought of having girls was making the former ladies' man a much softer person. His actions were changing and he was very excited to be able to be a hands-on daddy.