Celebrity Baby Shower Games and Activities

Just like a regular baby shower, celebrity baby showers have various games and activities to give their guests some things to do. You could definitely get ideas of what to do at the next baby shower that you have from what they choose to do. Let's take a look at some of the more publicized celebrity baby showers here:

At Britney Spears' Moroccan themed baby shower, her nineteen guests played games you would expect to see at any other baby shower. Baby Word Scramble where guests had to unscramble words that related to maternity (which little sister Jamie Lynn won), Guess How Big Britney's Belly Is, and Baby Item Name Game which Jamie Lynn won again. After the games were over, the guests were treated to customized henna tattoos, which the mommy-to-be took advantage off when she had her toes painted just for fun!

Minnie Driver had her baby shower at a friend's house in Malibu. The pink-and-white baby celebration was filled with flowers and the guests kept themselves busy decorating and hand painting onesies and writing advice to the mommy-to-be in a pretty keepsake book.

Actress Marisol Nichols had a “Pretty in Pink” baby shower at her home in Los Angeles. The guests played the typical baby shower games like guessing the size of the mommy-to-be's tummy and estimating how many jelly beans could fill a large baby bottle.

Basketball's King of the Court had a couples baby shower at his home with one hundred fifty close friends. Shaquille O'Neal and his wife Shaunie celebrated the impending arrival of their third child together at their Miami Beach mansion. The guests definitely had a lot to do – there were manicures, pedicures, massages, and even knitting lessons for the female guests. The men were kept equally busy playing blackjack, craps, and poker.

CNN Anchor for American Morning Kiran Chetry celebrated her second baby with her co-workers at Sparty in New York City, where they had eco-friendly manicures and pedicures that used vegan polishes, chair massages, and baby chit-chat the whole afternoon.

At Nicole Richie-Madden's “Wizard of Oz” baby book shower, each guest was given a diaper pin necklace and anyone that was caught saying the word “baby” had to forfeit their pin. Lauren Conrad won the prize for collecting eleven pins that afternoon.

So you see, celebrity baby shower games aren't really that much different. You could definitely adapt a few for your own baby shower, if you haven't chosen one of the more popular ones already.

And the activities are a great substitute for the games, especially if the mommy-to-be has already had a baby and has gone through the expected games before. Any activity that has to do with pampering (like spa services) would be highly appreciated by the mommy-to-be and her guests. And don't forget the men, either. Any male guest would be very happy to escape the games and join in any activities, especially if they have to do with outdoor sports or with Shaq's idea of a great afternoon spent around the gambling table.