A Baby Shower, Oprah Style!

Oprah has become very famous for throwing big baby showers for hundreds of expectant mamas. Why not take a few tips from these shows and throw an Oprah baby shower?

The first thing that Oprah and her team do is design unique invitations for the guests of the baby shower. One beautiful idea from Oprah's website is to use a photo of the mommy-to-be as a baby on the cover. Other ideas would be to use one of her favorite childhood pictures, or a montage of all her favorite things. These extremely personal invitations would definitely not end up in the trash when received by all the mommy-to-be's friends.

Another thing that Oprah does is remember that these mommies-to-be are still women. Create a setting at the Oprah baby shower that celebrates being a woman. Choose feminine colors, like pink or turquoise, as a basis for your color scheme. By the way, there are a few women that have a strong aversion to pink, so you should ask the mommy-to-be what her favorite color is, too. It would be wonderful to have a baby shower based on that or on her choice for the nursery.

Take extra care when setting the stage for the Oprah baby shower. Like Oprah does herself, look over the little details because those will make or break your celebration. Don't nitpick over everything, though. You don't need to be neurotic when throwing a baby shower! However, the best way to pay attention to detail is to make yourself a list and a time schedule as to when things are supposed to happen and what you're supposed to do. Then, when it's time for the baby shower, sit back and relax; your list is there to remind you of everything.

One thing that Oprah reminds us to do is to make our celebrations memorable. Just like almost every show she has, you can use the Oprah baby shower to create a memory for the mommy-to-be. Plan the theme to be a little bit unusual, and create a party to match, down to the decorations and the food. For example, rubber duckies are a very common (maybe overused?) baby shower theme. Tweaking that a bit to make it a Mommy Duck, Baby Duck theme instead can make it more memorable. And using unusual colors like baby duck yellow with hot pink and purple keep the tired theme new.

Oprah baby shower time could be pamper the mommy-to-be time. Give the usually harassed mommy a little time for herself. Schedule a beautician to come to the baby shower to let everyone remember that they should give themselves a bit of luxury “me-time” just because they are women.

And to create more of the special moments, create a keepsake CD that you could also use as the playlist for the baby shower. Combine songs that have the word “Baby” in them, both modern and classic oldie, and mix them up with favorite lullabies and classical music moments. With a childhood picture of the baby mama on it, this will definitely become a favorite.