Baby Shower Barbecue Party

When the days are getting warmer, everyone wants to stay outdoors and enjoy the cool breezes in the sun. What a terrific excuse to throw a baby shower barbeque party!

If you've got access to the great outdoors, terrific. A backyard will be perfect for this party. If no one you know has a garden handy, look around at your nearby park. There are usually barbeque pits and picnic tables around, which makes setting up much easier. Some other options could be a beach or a nearby lake.

A barbecue party is all about food, right, but don't forget the baby shower part. No baby shower barbeque party would look right without a color scheme and some decorations around. Think vibrant colors – anything that echoes the day and excitement of the party itself. You could go the traditional red, white, and blue or even hot pink, aqua, and purple if it's an all-female party.

No guests without invitations, right? There are many darling invitations available online but if you can't find one that you like, it may actually be better for you to design one yourself and have it printed out.

Next, the decorations. Massing decorations makes an impressive statement. Buy a few dozen paper lanterns in different sizes in your color scheme and mass them in one tree, or just around the party area. Then mass together inexpensive daisies in jelly jars or glasses for table centerpieces. There are spray paints available to color the flowers to your specs. Or you can dye the flowers by leaving them overnight in containers of water strongly colored with food coloring. Tie coordinating bows around the glasses. If you have them, little shot glasses can hold tealights for sparkle. A simple coordinating runner made of paper or cloth can go down the center of the table, and you're done.

Use disposable plates and utensils for outdoor parties, unless you've got yourself access to reusable plastic or metal plates and utensils in neutral or clear colors. Bunch up the utensils in coordinating cloth or paper napkins and tie each bundle up with more of that ribbon and keep the utensils together at the buffet table in a shiny metal bucket.

On to the food. A selection of beef ribs, pork ribs, and chicken would be great. This all just needs to marinate overnight in the refrigerator and then it's slapped on the grill the next day. Traditional BBQ fare like pasta or potato salad (preferably made with vinaigrette rather than mayonnaise so it doesn't go bad), baked beans, casseroles, and deli trays are all delicious additions to the main course. Either a cake or cupcakes and ice cream would round out that menu nicely.

Your supermarket has a good deli/salad bar and places like Wal-mart or Sam's Club have wonderful choices. The barbecue grill is a great excuse for a couples' baby shower (Men grill better than women can, right? Right?) and the best accompaniment to a hot day and a hot grill is a cold, frosty beer. Now, what male can refuse that?

Active games would go well here. There are some good baby shower-related relay races on the net, like "Don't Let My Water Break" and "Baby Stroller NASCAR" played with dolls, not babies! A fun game that could involve the men is "Baby Bottle Beer." Prizes are BBQ related, like grilling cookware, silicone mitts, BBQ sauces, or pickles. Embellish with more ribbons to tie everything together.

Lastly, the favors. Little bottles of barbeque sauce would be really cute, or lottery tickets for a bit of luck. Guaranteed, this is one baby shower barbecue party no one would want to miss.