An easy Australian baby shower theme

The land down under, has inspired a lot in the world’s pop culture, but now many people are considering Australian baby shower themes for their parties along with everything else. Of course, this very specific party theme usually results when one or more parents comes from Australia, but not always. The mom to be could just love the country, be visiting the country at the time of the shower or any other number of reasons. What’s important is the planning for this rather warm party theme.

Party hosts have a ton of popular culture to draw inspiration from for their Australian baby shower theme. We tend to associate certain things with that continent below the equator and having them at the party will enhance the atmosphere. Crocodile Dundee, Vegemite and Koala bears are just an example. In fact, there are several animals unique to the continent that you can use in your baby shower décor, which will not only look cute, but also add to the theme.

Consider getting stuffed animals, wall murals, stickers, balloons and anything else for the party that depicts some famous Australian creatures. These are; koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, crocodiles, platypus, and ostriches. Stuffed animals in particular will look cute at the shower and can go in the baby’s room as beloved toys.

Additional decorations for the party can include aboriginal symbols. There are certain symbols which have been passed down through the generations that are still used today by aboriginal tribe members. These lines and swirls are easy to mimic on cake, in wall art and even party invitations and other paper supplies. In fact, a small cake decorated with aboriginal symbols can make the perfect compliment to the Australian baby shower theme.

Speaking of food, there’s plenty of food to choose from for the party. Serve up Vegemite on toast or crackers. Macadamia nuts are a great food to serve up, as they are native to the continent and everyone is familiar with them. You can also try your hand at popular desserts like Pavlova and Lamingtons.

Pavlova is a decadent meringue cake that’s usually served with chocolate sauce and sliced fruits like strawberries and pomegranates. Lamingtons are sponge cakes shaped in a cube, then coated with chocolate icing and a layer of shaved cocoanut. Usually two of these cakes are served with a layer of cream or strawberry jam between them. The guests will practically be salivating at the sight of these desserts.

Other supplemental appetizers that are more familiar to guests should also be served; meat and cheese, light salad and so on. Australian foods like Vegemite are an acquired taste, so don’t serve up a lot of it as it may not get eaten.

That Australian baby shower theme is sure to be a hit if you incorporate elements from Australian culture and pop culture. If there are kids at the party, or you want a little entertainment put on Crocodile Dundee or another Australian television show. Eat a little food from the continent and most of all welcome the new baby.