It's a Wonderful Town: The New York Baby Shower

New York, New York: it's the city that never sleeps. If the mommy-to-be has always dreamed of going to New York, why not bring it to her with a New York baby shower?

New York itself is such an icon that there are many cards that feature scenes from that city. Choose pictures of the skyline, of Lady Liberty, or of the Harbor for the New York baby shower. You could choose to send a postcard, or even create your own card if you can't find one that you like.

This is definitely a theme that can be made into a couples shower and would be best held in the evening. New York is famous for its nightlife and the best color scheme here would be silver, gold, and black or navy blue. Have a backdrop of the Manhattan skyline on one wall and change your lights to blue and red to pump up the theme. Bunch together gold, silver, and iridescent balloons at the entry and also in the corners of the room held with pearly white ribbons. You could also add some clear balloons filled with shredded metallic paper for a very different look.

As your background music, have a mix of songs from popular Broadway plays, New York jazz, and modern tunes that mention New York (Bruce Springsteen's New York State of Mind and Alicia Keyes' New York are two of those).

To add to the festive look, cover the tables with silver cloths and use black plates with coordinating silver or gold utensils and napkins. Instead of a napkin ring, tie the napkins with silver and gold curling ribbon for a bit of frill and sparkle. For the centerpiece, use clear bottles loosely filled with shredded metallic paper and topped with a silver star garland. Ring the arrangement with tiny votive candles in clear or metallic votive glasses and sprinkle the table with gold and silver sequins.

Set the buffet table in the same fashion. Use a silver tablecloth but add a black topper to highlight the food. Use clear glass blocks to elevate some of the food and serve them all on either silver or metal platters or on glass platters. Have more of those votive candles and sequins around the platters to make them more interesting.

For the centerpiece, have four of the clear glass bottles filled with metallic shreds ringing around a giant elevated martini glass filled with water, floating candles and metallic glitter, silver and gold glass rocks at the bottom, and a gold colored lily anchored by the rocks. Illuminate the whole arrangement with more votive candles.

New York is definitely famous for its food so you can serve your own interpretations of the New York classics like upscale hot dog sandwiches and Reuben and Rachel sandwiches, a light green salad with apples and walnuts or a Waldorf salad. Desserts can be the latest New York trend – cheesecake lollipops! Little balls of cheesecake are put on a stick, dipped in melted chocolate, and rolled in silver and gold dragees for perfect tiny bites of decadence. For the alcoholic drinks, Manhattans of course! If you're a little more new school, you can create alcoholic and virgin Cosmopolitans instead.

For favors, nothing beats a New York-themed key chain and a personalized bar of dark chocolate.