Alternatives for Baby Showers for Children born after the First Baby

If you’re concerned about whether or not it is proper to have another baby shower for a second baby (or third, or fourth, etc.), don’t be. They’re always a good excuse to gather family and friends. A baby always brings joy to any household, so it is just fitting to be celebrating another addition to the family. It is also a way to help mom prepare herself again with these alternatives to baby showers.

Baby showers are not all about the gifts. Certain things should be taken into consideration, however, when planning the baby shower for the non-first-borns. For example, if the second baby is a different gender from the first, then you can plan to have a different color theme from the previous one. You might also be able to fish out the old décor and use them again! Your guests probably won’t remember the last baby shower’s décor anyway. Besides, you can always spruce up the old to make them look new again.

Or you could plan the baby shower around what the mother-to-be enjoys, like her favorite hobbies of the moment, or her favorite books, movies, or TV shows. These aren't very expensive to decorate around yet are things really personal to her.

It might be a good idea this time to ask the mom-to-be exactly what she needs and these can be mentioned in the invitation. This would not only be helpful to the family, but also to the guests. Seeing that this is the second baby, there may not be a need for another crib or mobile. And if the expectant mom says there’s nothing more she needs, then this would be worth mentioning too, although the staples, like diapers or a diaper service and baby wipes, will always be appreciated. Maybe mom-to-be would rather have her guests donate to her favorite charity instead, like the March of Dimes, for example. There are lots of options worth considering.

Another alternative to the usual baby shower party would be to bring mom-to-be out to have a spa day or a pampering day at the salon. This would definitely be much appreciated, especially if she doesn’t need anything for the baby anymore.

If you are concerned about etiquette, then there is an option that might be interesting for you. Set a date for after the baby has been brought home and have something like a “baby viewing party” where guests can not only come, see and hold the baby, but also celebrate the new life with other family and friends. People will naturally bring gifts, whether it’s for the baby or for the family, and they won’t feel too pressured about it since it’s an informal event. It should be a nice, relaxing time for everyone, like a pleasant Sunday afternoon.

Bottom line is every baby deserves a baby shower. It is always nice to be around good company and what better reason than a new life? The gifts are not what are important. It’s the family and friends that gather to celebrate the little angel and the well-wishes and the positive energy that flows through for the baby’s home.

If you don’t want gifts to be the focus of the party, then you can host a blessingway, a baby welcoming party, or a new mommy celebration. These are parties that are designed to celebrate the baby more instead of providing necessities and are great alternatives to a baby shower.