A Relaxing and Luxurious Spa Baby Shower

The last person to get pampered is usually the mother-to-be. Throwing a spa baby shower for her is a wonderful way to treat her to rest and relaxation and also to get the girls together for some fun and an all-out gabfest!

An innovative way to set the stage for the spa baby shower is to collect trial-sized bottles of spa products and attach the invitation to that. The invitation can be printed out on vellum or parchment, rolled up, and tied onto the bottle with ribbon. Or, you could purchase inexpensive sleep masks and pin or tie the invitation to that, too.

The theme of the spa baby shower is relaxing and luxurious and the color scheme should reflect just that. Dark chocolate brown accented with baby pink does that perfectly. What can be more luxurious and relaxing than chocolate? The room can be simply decorated, just using textures and colors to convey the feel. Since this is a spa baby shower, you may just need a small table for eating but have lounge chairs or armchairs arranged around the room for the treatments.

If you want to create a “spa feel” but have different colored chairs, cover each chair in a plain chocolate brown bed sheet to make them all tie in together. Baby pink cushions pick up the color scheme perfectly. Finish it off by adding a water fountain, bowls of rose potpourri, potted plants, and relaxing instrumental music to the mix.

Lots of candles add ambiance to the room – just make sure they're not scented or that they complement the potpourri. Having too many smells in the room can bother pregnant women

The tables can be covered in pink fabric and have a centerpiece of small shot glasses with single heads of baby pink carnations and chocolate brown cosmos flowers. Scatter clear glass “pebbles” on the tables to add a bit of sparkle.

The menu is spa food, of course! A light and healthy salad, a selection of fresh fruits, grilled chicken or salmon, and a decadent chocolate fondue with chunks of angel food cake, strawberries, and marshmallows is a wonderful blend of healthy and luxurious.

Instead of games, you could hire a masseuse or two to give hand and foot massages or back rubs and a beautician to give facials, manicures, or pedicures. You could also ask for a lecture on proper skin care, updated hair and makeup techniques, and also tips on body care or body treatments you can do at home. Some day spas have “sparty” packages that you may be able to make use of. Of course, make sure that all the treatments are ok for pregnant women as there are some types of massage or some products that the mommy-to-be may not be able to use while she's pregnant.

Favors for the spa baby shower could be spa products, of course, but rose-scented candles and rose potpourri wrapped up in chocolate brown tulle tied with pink ribbon, facial towels in chocolate brown or pink, or gift certificates to a day spa could be other choices that will draw out this most relaxing and luxurious day.