Hosting a Single Mom Baby Shower

While being a single mom is still taboo in some places, there are actually no people that are more in need of a baby shower! Apart from the gifts, though, the focus should be more on the love and acceptance that should be showered on a mommy-to-be in a more difficult situation.

There are many reasons for being (or choosing) to be a single mom, but that's not the focus here. What would be the best way to throw a single mom baby shower?

Any theme here is possible, since a mother is a mother, no matter what her marital situation is – or isn't. Be sure though to ask the mommy-to-be when she would be free, since she understandably would be a bit busier.

Another special consideration is the guest list. While there are some people that still have problems, with the whole “unwed mother” thing, there are others that don't think that way. Whatever their opinions are, however, you should consult the mommy-to-be about who she would or wouldn't like to have at her baby shower.

The next sticky point is the budget, and that's not your budget, it's the mommy-to-be's! Consider if she's really in need of something and make that the focus of the baby shower. You could make it an onesie drive, a diaper collecting event, a fundraiser, the options are endless here.

Does the mommy-to-be need a break? That can also influence your choice of theme. Or, is a casserole baby shower more of what's needed?

Let's say you decide to throw the single mom a spa party and also ask the guests to bring little things for the baby. The gifts will then focus on every day, practical things that the mommy-to-be needs: diapers, diaper cream, toiletries, medicines, a first aid kit, mild laundry soap, and basic clothing for the baby. If the birth date is in the middle of winter, some essentials the new baby will need would be a bunting, sleep sacks, hat, mittens, and heavy socks, and sweaters.

Focus on creating a relaxing space for the mommy-to-be. You could definitely create the right ambiance in your home, if that's where the baby shower is going to be. The body and soul pampering session just needs an uncluttered area where several people can spread out comfortably. Change your light bulbs to warm amber, put out candles, a tabletop fountain if you can, and have soothing instrumental music playing in the background.

Ask a beautician to come in and give manicures or pedicures. A massage therapist may also be asked to give a possibly much longed-for back or foot massage. What a way to spend a few hours with your friends!

Simple, light food is best for after beauty treatments. A simple platter of mixed green salad and a cheese and deli meats selection can be paired with whole grain breads and complemented with a decadent chocolate dessert. Juice spritzers make a healthy and preggy-friendly beverage.

There's nothing wrong or different about a single mom baby shower. Remember that it's called a baby shower for a reason. It's giving the little one gifts, not the mommy-to-be.