Have a Yummy Mummy Chocolate Baby Shower

Chocolate. It's every woman's dream – and horrific nightmare! Why not let loose and indulge the mommy-to-be's sweet tooth with a one day chocolate overload at her very own chocolate baby shower? At least she'll be sure she won't need to even look at chocolate until the baby is almost a year old!

Start off the chocolate baby shower with a chocoholic's dream invite. Look for a card that has photographs of truffles, bonbons, or any kinds of chocolate on the cover. Scent the invitations with a few drops of chocolate flavoring. Or, go all out and send a bar of chocolate with a specially printed invitation as its cover.

Obviously, brown is the color of the day. You want to feel like you're inside a truffle box from Godiva so start by covering all the furnishings in brown. Add a few poofy pillows in a lighter brown (for milk chocolate) and cream (for white chocolate). If you can, hang brown drapes from the walls in order to soften the feel of the room even more. Set little tea lights out in metallic candle holders and add to the soft glow with chocolate roses and cosmos highlighted with golden roses and copper colored Christmas balls.

Don't put out big tables but have little cocktail tables scattered around. More tea lights and low floral bouquets set the mood. Cover the tables with satiny brown tablecloths that are tacked on like the folds of a chocolate truffle.

Set out the buffet table like a display in a posh chocolate shop. Serve the food in small portions on little glass serving dishes and elevate some using crystal cake plates or glass blocks. As a highlight, have a cupcake tree with different flavored chocolate cupcakes and different decorations.

Surprisingly, there are different kinds of chocolate food! For example, did you know that real Mexican chili actually contains chocolate? And that for a main dish, chicken or turkey mole with its rich and spicy chocolate sauce is a wonderful choice? Serve it with a mixed green salad tossed in a citrus dressing and topped with cocoa nibs for crunch. Then there are the myriad desserts to have. A chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, peach and kiwi chunks, and cat's tongue biscuits is a terrific first choice. Another simple chocolate snack is dried out sponge cake spread with slightly sweetened cream cheese and sifted cocoa powder. A spicy hot chocolate made with Korean pepper powder is a unique twist to this beverage. Balance out all this chocolate with coffee and a strong black tea.

As an activity, everyone can learn how to make simple chocolate truffles. There are many informative videos online that show how to make the basic ganache center and how to make its many variations.

As a favor, a little gift box with a chocolate scented candle or soap and a small bottle of chocolate scented lotion packed inside is a perfect way to extend this superbly decadent chocolate baby shower.