Lesbian and Gay Baby Showers

While culturally there have been a lot of changes (there are more open gay and lesbian relationships and it is slowly becoming more accepted as a norm), there have also been a lot of changes that now allow gay couples to adopt and raise a child, or have a child through a surrogate parent or through scientific advances like in-vitro fertilization.

Technically, though, there is absolutely no difference between a “straight” baby shower and an “alternative family” one. Baby showers are all about welcoming a new child into the world, no matter by what means he or she was brought into it or what the sexual orientation of the parents are.

So, the lesbian and gay baby showers are planned along the same lines. You can actually use a lot of the articles in this website to bring the shower into fruition! The only possible difference may be that you could end up with more guests! Especially for gay and lesbian couples, having a child is an unusual and long-awaited event and a lot of people want to congratulate them and wish them love.

To prepare for this joyous occasion, you just need to focus on a few things: theme, budget, and food. Your guest list is a given already, although you may want to pare it down (or ask for help) once the number starts to creep above fifty! Not many friends would say no to padding the buffet table as long as you provide the bulk of the refreshments.

Decide on a theme that suits the couple best. You can definitely break the rules and go with something that's not the norm. Heck, isn't that what life is all about anyway? So, why not make a rainbow baby shower if that's what you feel is best? Or a beach-themed baby shower or a Western themed baby shower?

Let's take the rainbow-themed baby shower as an example. After you've decided your budget, you now need to decide how to adapt the theme to the décor and the food. Give your baby shower a name, like “Today, We're Over the Rainbow” or “The End of the Rainbow” to help you flesh out the idea.

For the Fairytale End of the Rainbow baby shower, choose your décor in rainbow colors. There are kits that can help you out, but you can also purchase solid rainbow colors of party stuff. To add the fairytale touch, add bits and pieces of silver and iridescent décor, glitter, ribbons, and rhinestones to your list. Cover your tables in white and add iridescent fabric toppers. Have a fantasy centerpiece in the middle using flowers, feathers, and colored glass pebbles in rainbow colors. Anchor all the colors with solid white candles in clear glass candle holders.

Decorate your room using bunches of balloons in rainbow colors and use silver ribbons instead of plain string. Put little “collars” of iridescent and silver curling ribbon on each balloon. Anchor the balloons in pots, like they are plants. Weight them down with pebbles and cover the top layer with glass pebbles and a scattering of fairy lights. Create a fantastic highlight with a colorful pinata strung in the middle of the room. A unicorn sounds just right for this!

Choose your food according to rainbow colors, too. A few examples would be a red strawberry punch, green pesto pasta salad, yellow deviled eggs, blueberry cheesecake, and rainbow cupcakes for dessert!