Showing Gratitude with a Thanksgiving Baby Shower

What better way to give thanks for a brand new life than with a Thanksgiving baby shower? Having a new baby is a joyous celebration for friends and family, so that ties in very well. You could incorporate the baby shower into the traditional Thanksgiving celebration, so it could become family gathering, too.

The invitations for the Thanksgiving baby shower could be elegant as well as fun or humorous. Invitations to the Thanksgiving baby shower/Thanksgiving dinner could be printed on creamy vellum paper that has Thanksgiving icons incorporated into it and presented as formal invitations. A Thanksgiving baby shower without the holiday celebration can be informal or even funny and crafty. If you're feeling creative, you can make a 2D invitation from autumn-colored cardstock with the details of the party on each of the turkey's feathers. Scrapbook like invitations can be made, too, with the paper accents that are available. You could ask each of the guests to think of something they are really grateful for and bring that to the baby shower.

As each guest arrives, have them write down what they are thankful for on a piece of paper cut out to look like an autumn leaf. Each leaf is then taped to a bare branch that is stuck into a pot filled with plaster of Paris and the top covered with moss so it looks like a tree. After the last guest has written down their thoughts, this “Tree of Thanks” can serve as a striking and thought provoking centerpiece to the buffet table.

You can choose neutrals to decorate or go very formal and choose cranberry red, cream, and gold decorations. Either way, sprinkle the colors generously around the room with ribbons and flowers that echo your choice of color scheme. A lovely formal centerpiece could be a clear glass bowl filled with cranberries or lady apples that are completely submerged under water, and then topped with flowers that are of complementary colors.

You could also incorporate rubber duckies decorated in feathers or colored leaves to blend the idea of Thanksgiving baby shower very nicely.

You could serve your formal Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, pumpkin soup, and whatever traditional food you customarily have at this time on your best china or silver. Or, you could go the casual route and serve turkey sandwiches with pumpkin soup, buttered corn niblets, a plate of crudites and dip, and a pumpkin pie or several kinds of pie. Cranberry juice mixed with soda water is a very festive spritzer.

While Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday, how much do we really know about it? Try out a fun Thanksgiving trivia game during the Thanksgiving baby shower. A traditional, if messy, pie eating contest can be part of the games. With hands tied at the back, each contestant must eat one pie with just their mouths. The one that finishes first is the winner. A harvest hunt is a fun idea, too. Chocolates and some tiny baby items and other trinkets get hidden in a large pile of fallen leaves. Be little kids again and dive into the pile to find the treasures.

Prizes for the Thanksgiving baby shower could be bags of mixed nuts or roasted chestnuts, caramel popcorn, or a little item with a Thanksgiving theme to it. For the favors, you could either give away old-fashioned caramel nut popcorn balls, chocolates, or bags of dried fruit.