I Wish They All Could Be California Baby Showers!

California's got the “Three B's” - Beaches, Blondes and Babes! Well, in the mommy-to-be's case, it will be baby! Just hang out and kick back with the California baby shower.

Send out an invitation that smacks of the beach. Any picture that features part of the California coastline like Georgia O'Keefe's photos would be perfect. You could also swing the more glamorous way and use a Hollywood theme, too. Or, you could go all boho-hippie and have an eco-friendly shower.

For a California beach baby shower, have potted palms all over your party area. You could set grass huts for food stations or use grass streamers instead of paper streamers and unlit tiki torches around the room. Change your lightbulbs to a yellow tone to have a “sunlit” feel to the room. Have summer music as your background, featuring the Beach Boys, of course, and any other summer sounding music.

Cover the tables with a wild tropical flower or palm printed fabric and set different centerpieces at each table made of miniature surfboards, tiki gods, beach pail sets, and brightly colored tropical flowers. Incorporate some beach sand, sparkly glass pebbles, votive candles, and seashells into the arrangements. Make each table setting with brightly colored plates and napkins. Use real tableware and wildly printed fabric napkins, if possible.

Cover the buffet tables with more wild-patterned fabric and use brightly-colored platters to serve the food. Have a large tiki god or surfboard covered with paper leis and set in a large container of sand as a highlight. Press a few vigil lights into the sand, as well.

California cuisine is well-known to be light, tasty, and healthy. Highlight organic food in your menu and serve a salad topped with either beautiful California fruits or vegetables with a light, fruity dressing. Pair that with a shrimp tostado with an avocado dressing, an oven-barbecued chicken dish and you've got a great, light meal. For dessert, go all-out American, though, and serve chewy fudge brownies and decadent chocolate chip cookies with your favorite ice cream. If this type of menu doesn't appeal to you, serve one composed entirely of street food – hotdogs or sausages with all the toppings, pizza, and nachos. Have an ice cream bar for dessert!

Have a signature cocktail like a Hotel California or a California Hurricane on hand. Provide a non-alcoholic signature drink as well, like the Pomegranate Paradise made of chilled ginger ale and grenadine blended with ice and garnished with either pomegranate seeds or a slice of candied ginger stuck with a festive paper umbrella.

Of course, a cake is a requirement! A layered, decorated cake in the mommy-to-be's favorite flavor should be a high point on the buffet table. Any design that features the beach would be just right.

Have an activity instead of a game here. You could go out and plant a tree or some seeds in the mommy-to-be's garden or decorate some organic onesies together using fabric paints and pens in typical boho style. Display the onesies in a prominent place and have a “Most Beautiful” and “Most Innovative” or “Most Creative” onesie judging and award prizes to the winners.

For the favors, pack a scented candle, lip balm, and mini bottles of sunscreen together with a paper fan into a mini beach pail. Finish it off with coordinating ribbon bows and you're done!