Why are Church Baby Showers Perceived to be More Special?

A church baby shower is one where the members of the church get together and throw a shower for an expectant member of the church. Usually, the baby shower is also held in the church itself.

What is wonderful about having a church baby shower is not only does it become more affordable for the baby shower hostesses but it makes the shower homier for everybody. Church is a home away from home for its members and having a welcoming celebration there just emphasizes that feeling.

Why are church baby showers somehow more special? The camaraderie that is generated between the church members serve to make them more supportive of each other and can even create a new tradition that brings more and more people closer together.

There is nothing more beautiful than a church that moves as one. The sharing of a celebration and the work involved to make it successful make it easier for the members to connect with each other. These strong ties of love and support are what bring more people in who are attracted to the beautiful relationships found within.

A baby shower, the welcoming of the newest member of the community in by the older members is a terrific way to encourage the camaraderie that is sadly lacking in the younger generation today. With the added stresses of making a living as well as raising family and coping with the day to day problems of life, this important part of creating stronger bonds within a community are often overlooked and forgotten.

The question that people often ask is why these little rituals are considered very important by members of the church? It's important for the very reason that a baby shower was instituted – not as a party or as a means of collecting gifts or diapers, but to show the parents-to-be that there were other people aside from their immediate families that could help them if they needed it. It was a show of love and support more than just a means to people the nursery with stuff.

This support is more important now in this age of economic insecurity where most people live in fear of losing their jobs, homes, and way of life in general. A simple celebration like this does not need to be expensive yet can generate dozens of satisfying relationships that will definitely last longer than the latest electronic toys.

To be able to give decent and inexpensive baby showers will definitely push the church ladies' imaginations to the limit. The best way to do this easily is to stick to three basics of baby shower planning: budget, theme, and food. After these three have been decided, the whole baby shower will just fall together.

Since it is a church-sponsored baby shower, the more modest the celebration, the better. Stick to the most minimum for decorations and ask the members to donate a simple dish like a green salad, chicken sandwiches and iced tea. Reuse the tableware that is usually available in the church hall and just pretty it up a bit with paper streamers, balloons, and some pretty ribbon.

It doesn't have to be an expensive celebration for it to be memorable or appreciated. Parents-to-be are usually surprised and very appreciative of these little acts of kindness, usually more than the hostesses themselves will ever know.