Having a Baby Shower with the Big Brother or Big Sister

Will this baby shower be a second or third one? You might want to take a look at who will be most affected by the baby shower and the birth of the new baby – the big brother or big sister. In fact, giving the older sibling a big part in the baby shower or giving them one all their own can be a great way for them to prepare for the newest member of the family.

It's but natural that big brother or big sister may be feeling a little blue or a little jealous towards the baby. After all, they'll have to share their parents with someone that they don't know. The younger the sibling is, the more difficult to explain the changes that will happen to the family when the baby arrives. It can get even worse when all the excitement of the baby shower overwhelms them and they notice all the gifts are for the baby and they didn't receive anything.

Getting them involved in planning the baby shower is one way to make them feel that they have a new responsibility and are still important to the family. For example, you can plan the baby shower around their likes and choices. If the colors suggested by the big brother are red and blue with fire trucks for his little brother's baby shower, then try to make that vision alive as much as possible.

They can take part in activities in the baby shower as well, from helping decorate the party area to handing out favors after the baby shower is over. They can give prizes away after the games, too. The more they can take part in the baby shower, the more in control they can feel about their lives.

You can also have special decorations at the baby shower to celebrate the older siblings. Why not have a baby tree in the entrance and decorate it especially for them? Decorate it with lights and decorations that the children like. There has been no child that has refused candy, so you can have a few touches of pure fruit candies and lollipops on the tree. Add their baby pictures that were put into small frames and also add baby pictures of the mommy and daddy as well. Finish off with big, fat ribbons and a beautiful saying about mothers and their children in a pretty frame at the bottom of the tree.

Gaining the status of big sister or big brother is an important rite of passage. Most people don't recognize this but you should, if only to impress that on the little boy or girl. Gift them with something that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” loud and clear. It can be a shirt, pullover, or hat that has the title on it. Or you can give them a button if you want.

Involve the baby, too. When the gifts are given to the mommy-to-be, seat the older siblings near her. Let them help her open the gifts. Then at a designated time, present the siblings with gifts from the baby. Make sure these are prettily wrapped and something they would truly appreciate.