Baby Shower Bowling Party

A terrific theme for a bowling mama is a baby shower bowling party!

For the invitations, cut out rounds of black construction paper and punch out three holes near the top. Use white ink to write out the details of the party. If you don't want to go through all that, there are many pretty bowling themed invitations that you can use instead.

Next, if you are having the baby shower at the bowling alley, you really don't have to do much to decorate other than attach bunches of balloons to the chairs at the lanes you are using. If you're having the party at home, a little more creativity is involved. Cut out giant bowling balls from black poster board and paint in three white circles at the top. Cut out white pins from white poster board and use a pentel pen to draw in the black lines at the “neck.” Attach these to the walls and arrange the pins like they are flying after being hit with the ball.

Use a color scheme of black, white, and a bright color to make the baby shower bowling party more lively. A fun color like turquoise really livens it up. Buy black and white balloons and use turquoise curling ribbons to give the balloons a curly collar. Paint white dots on the black balloons and black dots on the white balloons. Bunch them together in the corners of the room.

Cover each table with plain white fabric and use round black construction paper cutouts for placemats. Use white plates and tableware for each place setting and cinch the napkins with turquoise curling ribbons. At the center of the table, set three bowling pins for the arrangement and push tissue flowers of turquoise in the middle.

For the buffet table, use either a plain white or a themed tablecloth. Cut out more black construction paper rounds to set the serving platters on. Use round white platters for serving the food. To add a little more interest to the table, accent the platters with curls of turquoise ribbon and turquoise half marbles. Over the table, hang circular black and white Chinese paper lanterns at varying heights.

The baby shower cake is the centerpiece of the buffet table. Frost a rectangular cake in light brown icing and use decorator gel in dark brown or black to make lanes going down the cake. Position bowling pins using Tic-Tacs standing on end and use Maltesers or bubble gum balls as bowling balls. Elevate this cake using glass blocks or a cake stand.

For the baby shower bowling party food, keep it simple, just like what you'd get at the bowling alley. Hotdogs and burgers with all the fixings, pizza, fries, and veggie sticks with dip are all great choices and really easy. Finish those up with a choice of cookies, brownies, and cupcakes and you'll do just fine.

A great bowling themed game you can play here is baby shower bowling. This is just using baby bottles for the bowling pins and a tennis ball for the bowling ball. Weight the baby bottles with marbles or jelly beans and arrange them in a triangular form. Play the game exactly like real bowling, and score the same way. The guest with the highest score gets a prize.

Great favors for this baby shower bowling party would be bowling pin key chains, bowling ball shaped chocolates, and a pair of shoelaces.