Have a Relaxing Morning with These Baby Shower Brunch Ideas

An award should be credited to the person that invented brunch. This wonderful blend of breakfast and lunch is a really casual way to spend the whole morning with friends, just relaxing, talking, and plain getting together. Take a few of these baby shower brunch ideas and throw your friends a wonderful baby shower:

Brunch is a normally the most casual meal of the day that is celebrated with a big buffet selection. Organize your buffet table logically to give a little order to a rather unusual time of the day. Set the table according to the courses that you are serving, and not just pack everything together on the table higgledy-piggledy.

Normal starters would be fruits, a fruit salad, and juices. Some brunch buffet spreads add a green salad into this mix and you could too, if you like. Otherwise, this starter station is set up with piles of whole fruits, a big bowl of macerated fruit cubes, a selection of two or three fresh fruit juices in pitchers, and a large serving dish filled with ice and nestling a bowl of plain thick yogurt, a bowl of whipped cream, and containers of flavored yogurts.

Next in line at the buffet table would be the main meals, usually based on eggs. A nice touch is to set up a tabletop stove and several omelet pans and have a large pitcher filled with beaten eggs. Have several bowls nearby with omelet fillings like shredded ham, grated cheese, sliced mushrooms, chopped herbs, and the like. Have a choice of butter and oil for the cooks. Or, have some creamy scrambled eggs already prepared with the omelet fillings used for toppings.

Another idea is to make this a pancake station instead. Fill the pitcher with pancake batter and serve up some honey, maple syrup, and or fruit preserves.

Beside this station, set the baskets of breads, hash browns and Danish pastries. Put small bowls of jam in this area, and don't forget the spoons!

Last, have the sweets. A coffee cake or sticky breads are perfect early morning desserts with a cup of black coffee.

The beverage bar comes last. Rent some carafes and fill them with black coffee, brewed tea, and hot water. There is also an electric kettle that can fit easily on the table that you could employ for an endless stream of hot water. Having a good selection of tea and tisanes available is thoughtful. Provide a selection of brown, white, and whole sugar, as well as a small jar of honey. Cream in a small pitcher and creamer packets in a small bowl covers all the bases.

One important point – do label everything! Nothing is more vexing than thinking you're pouring honey into your tea only to find out that it's maple syrup! Or holding up the line at the food table while your friends debate whether a bowl of white stuff holds cream or thickened yogurt. Have clearly marked cards at every dish, or print out sticker labels and affix them to the surface of the table itself.

To prevent the inevitable crowding, separate the plates and silverware from the main buffet table. Stack the plates according to size, and bundle the silverware in the napkins, holding them closed with a pretty ribbon bow.