A Colorful Baby Shower Ice Cream Party

A baby shower ice cream party is a great way to celebrate the birth of a new baby, especially if you have small children attending the event. The ice cream treats will give the kids something to the distract them while the parents talk about the baby and open up presents. It's not difficult to create a baby shower ice cream party theme. All you need is some ice cream, some kids, and decorations that fit the bill.

Getting the Decorations
Every store probably carries party decorations that will be appropriate to your party theme. Look for paper goods and party supplies with images of ice cream, sundaes, and ice cream shops on them. You can even look for paper plates, napkins, cups and more with multicolored dots, circles or stripes on them as an alternative if you can't find ice cream related imagery. In fact, these less specific decorations can be more suitable for the ice cream party as they bring to mind the kinds of marketing materials used by ice cream shops like Baskin Robbins.

A pastel color theme works well for a baby shower and an ice cream party. Look for streamers, banners, balloons, wall murals and art and more in soft colors like powder blue, pastel pink, lemon yellow, and mint green. The mint in particular will remind kids and guests of mint ice cream.

If you were planning on serving a certain flavor of ice cream for your party, consider decorating the party area in matching colors. For instance, if you really want to serve superman ice cream at the party then consider using decorations in matching colors like, red, blue and yellow. Although, these primary colors may not seem like a good choice for a baby shower, they are commonly used in toys to stimulate babies minds. So, it is fitting and you can use it with a baby blocks theme or other toy related party theme.

A Word on Dairy Products
Moms-to-be aren't always able to handle dairy products like real ice cream. You may want to consider going with frozen yogurt or another frozen treat like Italian ice. This will be easier on her stomach and you can always get ice cream for the kids. Frozen yogurt in particular, is available in a wide array of flavors these days. If you can't find it in the grocery store, most ice cream shops have a basic vanilla yogurt flavor that they can add treats and flavors too. Use your search engine to find stores in the area that offer frozen yogurt.

Once you've gotten the decorations and the food out of the way for this baby shower ice cream party, sit down and have some fun. There will be plenty of presents and conversation to keep the guests busy. If the kids at the party get wild send them outside to play games and burn off some excess energy. You can always get them involved in a good game of hide and seek