Celebrate a Bundle of Blessings with an Easter Baby Shower

If Easter is around the corner when the sweet little lamb is expected, why not throw an Easter baby shower? It's a great way to get family and friends together for a baby shower that could extend to a family reunion.

Depending on the feelings of the parents-to-be, this baby shower can take on a secular or religious tone. It's just the focal point of the baby shower that will be changed – the secular shower could choose to highlight the Easter Bunny and rabbits in general, while the more religious toned shower would choose lambs instead. Eggs are a common factor in both, so that can be used in any cases of doubt.

Announce your Easter baby shower with an egg-ceptionally cute invitation. An egg shape can be cut out of construction paper and decorated in stripes with colorful paper scraps. Embellish the sides of the scraps with edging scissors to add interest, or simply tear the strips to soften the edges and give it a more old-fashioned feel. Write out the invitation on the stripes and finish it off with a spray of glue and a shake of clear glitter.

Use traditional Easter egg colors as a base for your color scheme. Different tables can be decorated in one color of the Easter egg rainbow – for example, you could have one table in pink, another in peach, another in aqua. Have an Easter basket in the middle of each table filled with shredded paper in mixed or matching colors, dyed Easter eggs, and Easter candies like chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, or little cellophane bags filled with jellybeans and Easter MMs. Finish off the basket with a coordinating bow and intersperse the whole arrangement with flowers. Stick to white flowers to keep things easy for you as you decorate from table to table. It also gives a common factor to everything and keeps it from looking piecemeal.

The buffet table can have an old-fashioned Easter egg tree as a centerpiece. Dye some blown eggs in the colors of your choice and string them up, using a button or a bead as a stopper. Hang the eggs on a bare or blossoming branch that's been stuck in a clay pot filled with plaster of Paris. Finish off the tree with ribbon bows to simulate blossoms.

Stick to light, springtime food for your Easter meal. You can set out a platter of baby vegetables surrounding a trio of dips. Have bowls of chips and breadsticks accompanying that. Steamed baby potatoes, fresh asparagus, egg salad or deviled eggs, roast spring chickens or a baked salmon, a fruity punch, and a cake would be perfection itself.

You could have a sheet cake that's shaped to look like an Easter egg and decorated with stripes and edible glitter, or you could go all out and bake a cake using a large and a medium bowl as cake pans, and one round cake pan for the middle. “Glue” these together using icing to form a giant Easter egg and decorate with icing, cupcake toppers, and edible glitter.

Of course, any children attending will expect an Easter egg hunt, even if it is a baby shower. For the adults, have a trivia game based on newborns – human or animal – to get the brains going! An Easter egg decorating contest would also be great: have a lot of hard-boiled eggs, non-toxic markers, glue, and little bits of fancy on hand. Give prizes for the best, most creative and most innovative eggs.

Prizes could be Easter candy, of course, little ceramic eggs, and baby plushies. A very pretty favor would be a miniature Easter basket filled with chocolate eggs.