How to Throw a Memorable and Inexpensive Baby Shower for Friends

Pregnancy is a double-edged sword. There's probably no other situation that a woman has faced that gives her the same amount of joy and anxiety at the same time.

Possibly, the same amount of happiness and stress gets echoed by the baby shower host, even if it's for a way shorter amount of time. Bugged by twin problems of how to make the event memorable while sticking to a most likely miniscule budget, it's enough to make anyone scream! But who could turn down hosting a baby shower for friends?

The first thing to realize is that you're not alone so you better ask for help! Your friends may know of places where you can get supplies on the cheap, or may be talented with desktop publishing so you can hand over the making of invitations and a few decorations to them.

One very important tip is to source your supplies. Surf the net, make a few calls, ask around, just plain find out who has what you need and how much it is. While you shouldn't overlook the internet as a good resource, be sure to factor in shipping and handling when considering your costs. You may just find out that it would be cheaper to source stuff at your local dollar store.

Host the party at your own home or a friend’s house! Renting a place takes a big chunk out of your already dwindling budget, plus you need to figure in your transport costs, extra things you'll need to make the place presentable, especially if it's a large area, and add extra stress to yourself if you forget something. When you're home, everything that you bought for the baby shower is already there and you know exactly where they are.

Food is normally the biggest expense. Use the same guidelines as the caterers do; if they waste food, they lose money! Don't try to impress anyone here. When it comes to food, try to keep it simple. For a light afternoon snack, count on three to four sandwiches per person, one handful of salad each, a tray of veggies with dip, and a tray of cheese, crackers, and fruit is enough. For dessert, count on a slice of the cake or a cupcake and a scoop of ice cream per person. Two glasses of juice or iced tea, and your snack menu is complete. This meal is neither complicated nor expensive, especially when you make most of it yourself.

While a lot of people look for cheap baby shower decorations, they are available but even cheaper ones are those you make yourself! If you've incorporated the season in your theme, then your decorations are just outside. Take a look around you and find out what you can use as décor – flowers, leaves, branches, even pine cones or sea shells.

Stick to the basics – ribbon, paper, balloons. With just these three in your party colors, your party area is just about decorated. Ribbons can be used to embellish everything, including candles and vases. Paper can be cut into stars or snowflakes to hang from the ceiling, streamers for the ceiling or the walls, punched out for confetti, or folded into shapes to decorate the tables. Masses of balloons look great in corners and instantly make a party.