Spoil the Mommy-to-Be Rotten with Mother's Day Out

When the mommy-to-be is drowning with all the “stuff” of life, especially if she already has older children, why not give her a much needed break and make her a baby shower that is actually a mother's day out?

Broach this idea to the other guests in secret. This type of baby shower works best when the mommy-to-be knows there is going to be a shower for her but you do a little something unexpected. Work out the details with the other guests, though. For this to be a success, it must be a group effort.

Once you have everything planned, schedule a babysitter to look after the older children. Don't make it look like it's an escape from them, though, by maybe preparing a special activity kit for them that includes a new DVD movie or a small new toy for each child. Simple snacks like popcorn, fruit chunks, and juice should keep the kids happy for a few hours.

Kidnap the mommy-to-be from her house a little time before the shower is supposed to start. Inform her that you'll be bringing her out for some air before the baby arrives!

If you've all planned it right, you've set up a few hours where the mommy-to-be gets to do what SHE wants for a change. Set up a spa date for the group for example; the day spas now have private rooms where small parties can get together for hand and foot spas, and maybe a haircut if the mommy-to-be needs one. Conjure up some cookies or pastries and tea for this part of the mother's day out baby shower.

Next, you're all ready for an adventure out on the town. What was it that the baby mama wanted to do? Look at an art exhibit? Catch a special movie or play? Or take a meal at the new cafe around the corner? Whatever it is that she has been yearning to do, that is what comes next on the schedule. Have an early matinee show if you like, in order to be back in time for the older babies.

What if this isn't the mommy-to-be's cup of tea? You could engineer a crafting class and help her out with a new hobby. Perhaps scrapbooking is the perfect new hobby for this time with the new baby arriving. Many craft stores give short lessons on how to scrapbook, knit, or create jewelry. This activity would be the perfect thing for many harassed mothers that don't have time for themselves.

While this mother's day out is truly unconventional, it reminds the mommy-to-be that she, too has a life that she must nurture. Giving her a gift of “alone time” (and documenting it with a lot of pictures that can be burned into a keepsake CD) helps her to relax and not spread herself too thinly.

Mothers often feel that they've put their life on hold while raising the children and they're right – they do! By realizing that motherhood is simply another step that they take in their ever-evolving lives, they can take their lives back by simply setting aside a few minutes for themselves, maybe during the children's nap time or when they are in school. The best gift you can give a mommy-to-be is their identity back.