Start off the Baby's Collection with a Toy Baby Shower

Children and toys go together like bread and butter. So definitely, a toy baby shower would be just perfect. A few hours based on toys would be any little kid's dream of paradise.

Send out a simple invitation to your toy baby shower – perhaps a humorous card with a silly picture of a baby wreaking havoc with his toy. Inform the guests of the theme – and that it will be used to build up a toy collection for the little baby. They should each bring a toy as a gift. (Ask the mommy-to-be what kind of toys she prefers and indicate that. It may be stuffed toys, educational toys, bath toys, or some other type.)

Let's say the mommy-to-be decided on bath toys for the main theme of the party. The decorations of the party area should reflect that: you could put up some rubber duckie or toy boat posters on the walls. Possibly, stick to a nautical theme of blue and yellow to reinforce that feeling. Have blue and yellow balloons, rubber duckies, and toy boats all over the room.

Make an easy centerpiece for the table by filling a clear glass vase or goldfish bowl with blue sand. Stick in a few sprigs of artificial grass and nestle the rubber duckie in the vase. You could put in a few smooth stones at one side to simulate the “shore.” Sprinkle some of the stones on the table, too, to complete the effect.

The food table is just as simple. Have a slightly bigger vase or maybe a small aquarium as the centerpiece. Fill it again with layers of dark and light blue sand. Add more of the artificial grass and maybe a lily pad or two and “float” the ducks around that. Nestle the stones in one corner and echo that on the table by continuing the stones on that side.

The food can be the typical light fare found at any baby shower: finger sandwiches, crudites with dip, or fruit slices with a sweet dip, crispy chicken tenders, and a decadent dessert like florentines or really dark, fudgy, cream cheese brownies. Prepare a punch bowl for the beverage and float a little duckie in it, too.

A cake is never out of place here, and a sweet little cake covered with watery-looking blue icing makes the perfect base for a trio of rubber duckies. You can use candy grass here to extend the theme further, and candy rocks, too. A sugar flower or three can stand in for the water lilies and your cake is done!

Aquatic Jeopardy is the perfect game for this bath toy baby shower. Each guest receives a whistle and takes part in a game much like the original Jeopardy where all the questions involve aquatic animals. The first guest to blow the whistle and answer “What is a...” is the winner.

For the favors, a little cellophane bag can be filled with candy grass, peeps, and candy eggs. Or, they can have blue and green raffia strips and little glycerin soaps in the shape of ducks.